Being pregnant and having my twins was a beautiful experience. I’ll never forget the bond that I had with them right from the start. During those nine months of pregnancy we were literally and proverbially connected. It was fantastic. It was spiritual; and it’s a feeling that I think all women should experience at least once.

But for all of that beauty and mushy-gushiness, there is also a very strange, dark, disgusting, horrifying, and occasionally, disturbing side to being pregnant. Your body is changing, shifting, and contorting to accommodate this little helpless creature (two in my case). They suck every ounce of your energy from you like an adorable little parasite.

There are millions of things about pregnancy that aren’t listed in books and that no one ever tells you about. For instance, did you know that being pregnant can cause you to have perpetual hiccups for months on end?.. And that’s not even the strangest.

Here are 13 strange and interesting pregnancy facts that I’d bet you didn’t know.

1.) During the second half of pregnancy your baby will pee about a liter a day. Where does all of that urine go you ask? The baby swallows it. Consider it your kid's first lesson in recycling.

2.) About one in three mothers give birth by Cesarean section each year - triple the number of women that were having them ten years ago. Whatever happened to popping a kid out while working in a rice field?

3.) Boys don't develop sperm until they hit puberty. Once they do, they continue to develop it well into their 70's.

In comparison, women are born with all of the eggs that they'll ever get.

4.) It's true that women develop an enhanced sense of smell during pregnancy. What you may not have known is that enhanced smell is a mother's way of avoiding foods that may be harmful to the baby.

5.) A woman's feet may grow up to one whole shoe size during pregnancy. Fortunately, there's no actual bone growth. It's simply extra fluid and water retention.

6.) Almost 90% of pregnant women experience some sort of skin change during pregnancy. From darkened freckles and areolas to full "pregnancy masks" seeing a change in skin tone is very common.

7.) For the past two decades, there have been more boy babies born each year in America than girls. Oddly enough, women still outnumber men in the Unities States.

8.) Each year babies are born weighing more and more on average. Recently, a new mom in England gave birth to a baby boy weighing a whopping 15 pounds 7 ounces.

9.) It is very possible to be pregnant for an entire year. The longest pregnancy on record lasted 375 days.

10.) As many as 75% of all conceptions miscarry. If you're pregnant, this isn't something you should be concerned about though. This number reflects failed implantations that pass without the mother ever missing a period. Think of it like this: most women have been pregnant at some point in their life, miscarried, and never even knew about it. It happened just like a regular period.

11.) Your blood flow increases so much during pregnancy that it's not uncommon to have nose bleeds and bloody gums on occasion.

12.) Being overweight or being tall can both increase your chances of having a multiple birth.

13.) Your uterus starts at about the size of a small pear at the beginning of your pregnancy and grows to about the size of a medium watermelon. That's some stretchy ute'!



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  19. April 19, 2014 at 6:31 pm — Reply

    Okay, #1 grossed me out a little! I love the slider, keeps you wanting more!

    • April 29, 2014 at 9:27 pm — Reply

      Ha! Yeah, I think that one was the craziest on the list. And thanks for the love on the slider! 🙂

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