H alloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to figure out the all important costume situation. You could go in so many different directions. Should you try and make costumes yourself or should you go with store bought? If you have multiple children, the question of whether or not you should do matching Halloween costumes comes into play. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are a cute idea; or what about Salt and Pepper? (The seasonings, not the rappers.) How about Miley and Robin? Eeek! Maybe not.

The most ambitious parents get the entire family involved in the Halloween festivities – Because what fun is a holiday where you can dress up if you can’t dress up too? If you haven’t thought of dressing up with your kids, why not try it out this year? Group Halloween costumes are the best kind because it gives you the chance to tell a complete story; and there are so many interesting possibilities that can afford you the opportunity to create some cool memories with your kids and join in on some “spooktacular”, totally bitchin’ Halloween fun.

Whether you’re a Halloween celebrator or not, you won’t be able to deny the pure awesomeness of the following family costumes – any of which will make your family the toast of the next Halloween party.


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