Happy 2012 y’all! I’m excited to be in a new year. I’m looking forward to many fresh starts and new beginnings. Like let’s start with a fresh diaper for this ripe little toddler attached to my leg.

Hold please…

Okay, all clean. See. That felt good.

The family and I just got back from a grand holiday finale at the home of my children’s Godparent’s parent’s. Did you catch that?
Our good friends invited us over to their beautiful home in order to celebrate the New Year. We had a blast – Eating, drinking, and making much merry.

Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!!
"Hey Ma! Happy New Year!"
"Hey Ma! Happy New Year!"
We were responsible adults...I promise.
We were responsible adults...
I promise.
Boo Yah!
Boo Yah!
Put my socks on? What socks?
Put my socks on? What socks?
All partied out.
All partied out.


I did discover though that with twin toddlers, you tend to get homesick very fast. In your own home when you change a diaper and it happens to marinate a bit on one of your end tables, it’s okay. It’s your house; but when you’re surrounded by someone else’s well-kept furnishings, you become keenly aware of where you place said diaper along with what your children are touching. As your children begin gnawing on their second coaster, and you’ve cleaned up your second leaky milk bottle, you begin to wonder if you’ve overstayed your welcome.

No one wants to have the reputation of having the “bad kids” or being terrible house-guests. My fiancé and I have what you call “home training”. That home training becomes a blessing and a bit of a nuisance as we tiptoe around making sure everything is placed just so.

Unfortunately no amount of “it’s fine” and “don’t worry about it” could keep me from stressing, and we left a little earlier than I think our friends would’ve liked. What can you do? We have twin one year old’s for cryin’ out loud. It doesn’t really compare to having a singleton. You’ve got to know when to bow out. But again, we had a blast and know that we are blessed to have such awesome friends.

Now we’re comfy in our own home. The Fiance is off from work today due to the holiday, and we’ve decided to have a slumber party in our living room. It’s cheesy, I know, but a little cheese is good from time to time… Especially when enjoyed while sitting next to that dirty diaper on your end table in your own home. 😉





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  2. January 2, 2012 at 11:52 pm — Reply

    Loved this piece! AND YES you all left earlier than we would've liked but it's understandable. We loved having you all celebrate the New Year with us and your extended family!

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