Today we have an awesome guest blogger who’s giving us some super cool ideas on how to wrap your kid’s party presents.

When the kiddies attend birthday parties and events this summer, help them stand out with these 3 custom gift wrapping ideas that they can help you create!

Please help me welcome Marcela!


Sometimes gift wrapping for kids can become boring. As parents, we’re often left with the last minute task of wrapping kid’s gifts before birthday parties or on Christmas morning. The idea of covering a box with simple paper seems so… boring; But there are easy ways to liven it up!

By helping kids come up with fun and creative ways to wrap their gifts, they’ll be excited to help, and they’ll be even more excited to deliver the gift to their friend.

Flip through and discover three awesome ways to make gift wrapping for kids more fun and exciting.

Gift Wrapping Ideas


lego blocks gift boxes

1.) DIY Lego Gift Boxes

What little boy doesn’t love Lego’s? Even more exciting is a Lego-wrapped gift box which will liven up any present. This gift wrapping is simple and does not take long at all to put together. The template is free and provided for you, and all you need in addition to this is card stock, scissors, glue, and craft foam.

To glue and assemble the template, it may be easier to use a hot glue gun. This will allow the paper to dry faster and not bubble up. This gift wrapped box will be the talk of the party, and your child will love helping you assemble it!



2.) Balloon Wrapped Present

This balloon wrapped present makes opening the present practically more fun than what’s inside. Your child can have this gift wrapped in less than five minutes, and it is so fun to do. This is a great idea for presents like gift cards, costume jewelry, or anything small. You will need a 36” balloon, as it has an opening wide enough to fit small things.

Before blowing up the balloon, put your gift inside the opening. Tie the balloon with some ribbon and add a card that says, “Pop me!” Your gift is all ready and will look so festive at any party.



3.) Candy Jar Gift Wrap

Small treats, such as candy or gum, can often be difficult to wrap. It can be hard to figure out how to make them creative and fun. There is a cute way around this that will make everyone want to open the present and keep it for themselves.

Look online for candy jars and choose one that you’d love to put the present in. There are so many different jars and displays that you could pick for your gift. This turns your gift wrap into an automatic candy display! Your child will have a great time helping you to set up the candy, and everyone will love seeing how fun, bright, and colorful it is when it’s all put together.

There are so many fun ways to decorate and make gifts look festive for parties. Your child will love being able to help you get the gift ready for their friend and they’ll be excited to show it off. After decorating your gift, let everyone know how easy it was to do.


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  2. […] By helping kids come up with fun and creative ways to wrap their gifts, they’ll be excited to help, and they’ll be even more excited to deliver the gift to their friend. […]

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