I have a three year old.

That should be self explanatory for other parents, but just in case its not…

I am a professional entertainer for my three-year-old.

Whether it is dancing around like a looney singing “poopy in the potty” or reading Corduroy… for the THIRD time… My life is spent trying to keep my son happy, busy, knowledge filled, and (somewhat) tidy.

So, with summer in full swing, I’ve found a few tried and true things to do with your toddler to beat the heat and make your job as a toddler entertainer just a hair bit easier… Well, I guess detangler is what makes the hair easier. [That one was bad. I know.]

Here are my top three activities for toddlers in the summer:

#1: The Pool


Most cities have community pools which may or may not cost. We don’t have a neighborhood pool, but we are a part of a church pool group that gathers weekly at various group members pools. These type of groups are available all over. Sites like moms.meetup.com, magazines (I like Atlanta Parent), and church groups help moms coordinate these type of gatherings.

Your child will not only have fun at the pool, but he or she will also have instant friends to play with. (Not to mention the fact that you get to have the oh-so-desperately-needed adult conversation with said friend’s parents.)

With toddlers, there’s one absolutely necessary thing you’ll need for these pool trips: floaties. I especially like the Speedo foam ones which connect the two arm bands with a chest float easily allowing your child to remain in the swimming position. This way you can feel like you’re not too bad of a mom when you leave your three-year-old in the pool while you nurse your screaming 2-month old.

Not that I’ve ever done that….

#2: The Library


The two cities I have lived in with a toddler have both had fantastic libraries. Both Chicago and Atlanta offer multiple libraries that were close enough to walk to and offer wonderful summer programs which include everything from arts and crafts, movies, puppet shows, magic shows, story time, and much more. Many also offer free passes to local attractions like zoos or museums. If you’re anything like me, free passes are the only way you’ll ever go to these types of places. [Not necessarily because of lack of desire, but rather lack of resources.]

So check out your local library. They almost always have summer activities for toddlers!

#3: Parks


When my son and I first moved to Atlanta, we went park exploring. Each week we would go to a different park in the area. It made our park trips more exciting. We called it park hunting. We would take our cameras and capture our park excursions each time. We ended up finding two nice shaded parks nearby. There was one with a wading river and one with jumping water fountains; so if you go to the right park, it can definitely be an activity with added benefits.

By bringing a picnic lunch each time, I was able to just let my son run all of his guts out, eat, then crash as soon as we got home (or sometimes on the way home). Definitely ideal for a mother of two.

These are all obviously ‘go and do’ activities, but well worth each trip. And summer is the best time to get out and explore all the sites your community offers!


This article was written by Heidi. Heidi is a full time mom and has taken up professional blogging as a side venture. Heidi and her husband currently blog over at Juicingpedia.com. If you want to learn more about juicing, then make sure you take a look at their latest blog posts.


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