T he holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year, but we all know that along with the visions of sugar plum fairies comes a host of stressors and frustrations. Finding the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for family member who already owns everything; cleaning your house before your 25 closest family members arrive for a holiday dinner; and even tracking down that illusive parking space at the mall can all add up to a giant headache that starts in November and ends Dec. 25.

So, what can you do to de-stress? Try spending a little quality time with your kids! Getting them involved in a holiday craft project has benefits that are twofold: For one, you’ll all enjoy working on something creative together. As an added bonus, you’ll get some festive items to display around your house to add some cheer to your holiday activities.

One great option for a craft project is making holiday wreaths to display either on your front door or around the inside of your home. There are tons of options out there for creating the perfect wreath. Here are four ideas to get you started.

Button Wreath


Button wreath image via Etsy.com

Gather up all those pesky spare buttons you have lying around the house and use them to make a beautiful wreath. If you can find buttons in seasonally appropriate colors — say, red, white and green — so much the better. There’s a world of options here; you could either sew them onto a wreath form wrapped in fabric, or go for a trompe l’oeil style and arrange them in a wreath-like shape inside of a picture frame. Be as creative as possible, and you’re sure to end up with a fun and festive masterpiece.

Marshmallow or Candy Wreath


A wreath made out of non-perishable — but still festive! — food items is a great way to bring a holiday feel to your home. Marshmallows invoke a cold-weather feel, thanks to their association with hot cocoa and sweet potato pie. Or you could use candy canes for an especially Christmas-like vibe. Just glue the sugary items in question to a plain white foam wreath form in any formation you choose. When it’s done, let it dry and then make sure to hang this one up high to keep it out of the reach of pets and the grabby hands of small children.

Wrapping Paper Wreath


As you’re wrapping up all those holiday gifts, set aside the scraps from your wrapping paper and use them to create a colorful wreath. Create a template in the shape of, say, a leaf or a star and let your kids trace the shape onto the scraps. Cut out the shapes and arrange them around a wreath form until you achieve your desired look. If you’re short on wrapping paper, you could even use plain paper made of heavy stock and spray paint it in a festive metallic shade, like gold or silver. This will create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art!

Coffee filter wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath image via ClassicCampbell.com

Coffee Filter Wreath image via ClassicCampbell.com

If you have a box of coffee filters and a glue gun, you can have a beautiful, seasonally-appropriate wreath. Little hands will be the perfect helpers for this project, since they can help ease the filters into small in-between spaces. This one might require a bit of patience, but you and your kids will love the finished product.


* * *


With a little ingenuity and a sense of adventure, you can embark on a fun holiday craft project that’s sure to bring you and your kids closer during this hectic time of year. Put on a smock, lay down some newspaper and get ready to craft the night away with your little ones. Chances are, as they get older they’ll remember this time together much more clearly than the toys they got from Santa or the time you scored that sweet front-row parking spot at the mall.




  1. December 9, 2013 at 3:16 pm — Reply

    I absolutely love the marshmallow wreath. Not sure how I'd keep me and the ants from eating it though! I can picture using it with a White Christmas theme. Love your ideas!

    • December 10, 2013 at 4:00 am — Reply

      Thanks for the compliments!

      Normally I start eating the marshmallows before the wreath is made haha. No ants will bother you then 😉

  2. December 2, 2013 at 2:06 pm — Reply

    I love your wreath ideas! I am always on the look out for simple crafts to make with my children, especially since my daughter declared herself "totally uncreative" which couldn't be further from the truth!

    I am also glad to be participating in Bloggy Moms – and know you are right there within 10 spots of me. I'm focusing on the ten bloggers closest to me on the link up… hooray for being close!

    I look forward to getting to know you!

    • December 3, 2013 at 9:29 am — Reply

      So glad I was in your "10"! lol. I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

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