If you’re anything like me, you’re probably prone to waiting until the last minute to figure out what to put in your kid’s Easter baskets. Candy is, of course, the easiest route, but way too unhealthy. Those premade four foot tall Easter baskets with the plastic grass are decidedly convenient, but we all know that the contents combined aren’t at all worth that “$19.99” price tag. So what should we do?

Well yours truly was up late last night combing the internet in an attempt to find the coolest, cleverest, and most importantly, easiest Easter basket stuffer crafts to fill your kid’s baskets. I found four brilliant ideas, and inserted them into a fun, shareable infographic for you to print and reference. From healthy “carrot” snack packs to delicious “Bunny Bait”, you’ll have your kids and peers believing that you’re the ultimate Easter craftsman with these handmade Easter treats.

[Click to enlarge. Feel free to share! Right click and copy at will. – “4 Easy Easter Basket Craft Ideas”]

 Easter Basket Infographic 2



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