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I remember being in grade school and after having learned how to write a proper letter, I used my new found skills to write companies to request free products and samples. I had a blast for months receiving free stickers, puzzle books, magic tricks… the works. (I was a nerd. What can I say?) That is until my mom curtailed my efforts by putting a once per month cap on my requests. I suppose she was tired of picking up miscellaneous free objects off of the floor.

Well now I’m grown, the stakes have gotten higher, the free stuff is even better, and the advent of the internet has made getting freebies by mail even easier. Did you know that you could potentially furnish an entire home with completely free items? It takes a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck, but it can definitely be done. There are even sites out there that will send you free samples of baby formula and other baby and household items – all simply because you requested them.

Flip through to check out some of the best (and certified legit) websites to get free items and free samples online.

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