4 Parenting Scandals That Will Make You Feel Like ‘Parent of the Year’



Look, I’m always the last one to judge… or maybe I’m the first. Whatever. Either way, people do some crazy junk. When kids are involved, it really makes me ill. I’m all about a parent’s right to raise their kids the way that they see fit, but some of these practices are up for debate.

From the idiotic to the down right weird – check out these four parenting scandals and decide for yourself.

  • If you want to smoke an illegal narcotic around your child that's on you, but I suggest you stay away from lunch boxes as this Connecticut dad proved last December. While packing his kid's lunch, he apparently dropped a marijuana cigarette in with the food by accident. Pull yourself together man. Smh.
    Pothead Daddy Packs a

    Pot Lunch For His Kid

  • Hey, I'm all about some good art, but this mom took things to a whole new level. Brooklyn performance artist Marni Kotak camped out at NYC's Microscope Gallery so that she could deliver the baby in front of onlookers.

    "I hope that people will see that human life itself, is the highest form of art," she said.

    Sure lady. All I have to say is eww.
    An Artsy Mom Gives Birth

    In An Art Gallery

  • I think we all heard about this one. Out of all of the characters this pageant mom could have chosen for her daughter's "wow wear" costume, she had to choose a tramp.
    Mom Dresses Her Little Girl

    As A Mini Prostitute

  • Now if you want to be a daredevil, that's one thing, but don't drag your child into your death defying shenanigans. Welsh mom, Menna Pritchard has a thing for rock climbing. People began to question her adventurous taste when pictures popped up of her rock climbing with her two year old daughter sans helmet or any special equipment.
    Somebody save that baby!
    Outdoorsy Rock Climbing

    Momma Climbs With Baby


Author: Kesha of We Got Kidz

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