So over the weekend, I caught a wild hair and decided that I wanted to have a family outing. (The fact that my children hadn’t been out of the house in forever was also a determining factor… Don’t judge me.) The destination – we decided – would be a place called Atlantic Station. It’s basically a high end strip mall, or “lifestyle center” if you want the proper terminology. It’s a very trendy spot here in Atlanta. If you’re a resident of the illustrious Metro Atlanta area, I highly recommend it for an inexpensive family outing.

The plan was to walk around for a bit, do some window shopping, and get some ice cream – Possibly find a grassy area to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather. Each of us had a child strapped to us cozily in a child harness. If you enjoy sweaty children and minor back pains, I highly recommend this as well. Why no stroller might you ask? Well we have an awesome one that I hand-picked and was purchased for us by my parents as a baby shower gift. I’m telling you, it’s the rolls Royce of strollers. It’s got all of the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, it’s about the size of a small Rolls Royce and doesn’t fit in our mid-sized vehicle. When you’re pregnant with twins, practicality sometimes flies out of the window… but back to our field trip… We got our ice cream and headed towards the grassy area. Given that our children are at that age where everything goes in their mouths, sitting on the grass, we decided, was out of the question. There was a low wall with a wooden stage around the perimeter, so we attempted to find a spot there. It was a busy Saturday afternoon, so our options were limited. We settled on a spot near a pile of what appeared to be throw up and a chain-smoking creepy looking gentleman. Outside of the obvious concerns, it wasn’t so bad.

The beauty of taking small trips like this is having the opportunity to see the world again through your child’s eyes. It became apparent very quickly though that my daughter’s eyes couldn’t see beyond our kitchen floor. To my horror and amusement, she played on the wooden platform as if she were at home. It was the cutest, most horrifying thing ever. Her little face was uncomfortably close to the ground, but what can you do? I’ve learned to let go. I can’t coddle them forever. We let them play for a bit as we finished up our ice cream and relished in the beauty of the day. All in all, fun times for the Fam 🙂




  1. […] happen to live by the “family outings are awesome” philosophy and make it a point to drag my family out on one at least once a […]

  2. kionna gilchrist
    September 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm — Reply

    You are so right! Sometimes as parents we have to let go of our fears and allow our children to experience the world. It makes not only a well rounded child but "adventure friendly" as well 🙂

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