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Most mornings when I rise, I get up in the nick of time, lay out my son’s clothes, and rush him and myself to get ready for our day. We fly out the door to make it just in the nick of time for the daycare to feed him breakfast. He then rides the van to school and begins his educational experience. I always hoped he would have a great day.

Last week, I made a choice to give myself the chance to have a great day by implementing great things in my life — taking note from an inspirational audio I’ve been listening to.
This morning, I woke up at 5:30am.
I woke my son up at 5:30am too.
We stretched.
We raised our arms in the air and shook our hands and enthusiastically said, “I feel great!”
We both looked at each other and smiled.
He watched Looney Tunes for 15mins.
I read something inspirational for 15mins.
Then I prepared breakfast as he brushed his teeth.
I went upstairs to announce that breakfast was ready, and as I approached the bathroom door I could hear a melody. I witnessed him singing as he happily brushed his teeth. Although I didn’t recognize the song, it didn’t matter. It was his song. My Short Stuff was humming an Aquafresh tune. I didn’t interrupt.
He proceeded to get dressed and then came downstairs to eat his breakfast.
We enjoyed delightful conversation and a fulfilling breakfast.
We gathered our bags and walked out of the house for school… earlier than we ever had.
I dropped him off at school and asked for a hug. He gave me the biggest smile and the most energetic hug. “Have a great day,” I said.
Today, I knew with certainty that his day would be great. Why?

Because our morning began with a great foundation.

What I thought I never had time for became worth my time. I am overjoyed to travel to work, and my son is more vocal and excited about his day as a result. Now, when I rise I give thanks to 5:30am, for my mornings moving forward have left “nick of Time” behind and embraced the opportunity supplied by Time.


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