The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. Um… Yay!? I have absolutely no shame in saying that I’m not the biggest of football fans. (Who’s playing? Is it the Seagulls and the Stallions?)

Despite my Super Bowl indifference, there are two things that I can’t deny that I enjoy about football’s biggest game: the camaraderie and the FOOD.

Many football fans have turned Super Bowl Sunday into a legitimate reason to break those New Year’s diet resolutions and go crazy with rich and savory snacks, sandwiches, and treats.

For the most important game of the season, I’ve compiled a list of unique and easy Super Bowl snack ideas that will have your Super Bowl party attendees very impressed – And the best part? You won’t have broken a sweat putting it together.

This fun Cocoa Rice Krispie football only requires a football pan and a few minutes of preparation. It’d make the perfect centerpiece for your Super Bowl party food table. Get the full instructions here.

These totally adorable football treats consist of only eight ingredients – most of which you probably already have in your pantry. Head over to Julie’s Eats and Treats to see how they’re made.

This recipe is my personal go-to snack for when I have company. They’re quick and easy to make, and absolutely delicious. And the best part? They only require a few ingredients.

They’re SO easy to make, in fact, that I doubt you need a recipe; but if you’d like to see how Steph of Plain Chicken makes hers, (She adds one extra ingredient that you may not have thought of) head over to her blog and check it out.

I am SO trying this one for this year’s Super Bowl. If you’re a vegetarian, a health nut, or just up for trying a very unique twist on an old favorite, then this Cauliflower Buffalo Wing recipe is for you. Head over to Tasty Kitchen for the full story behind this creation and the full recipe.

If you’re comfortable with doing some simple baking, then these Football Whoopie Pies should be a breeze. Head over to Party Bluprint Blog for the full recipe.

I think this individual 7 layer dip is absolutely genius. Solve the ever-present problem of “double dipping” with this cool recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

A Super Bowl party just isn’t a Super Bowl party without some delicious meatballs. Try out this meatball recipe from TheSkinnyFork.com.

With just over 3 1/2 grams of fat per serving, these meatballs are much healthier than your average pre-made frozen variety. Amanda adds a nice touch serving the meatballs with pretzel sticks.

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