So we’re almost a full week into 2012 and yes – I’m still reflecting. 2011 was filled with many life changes: For the first time in over a decade, I stopped working full time. With that came the task and honor of raising my children their first year.

2012 will I’m sure prove to be just as life changing: I’m getting married (I know… Awww… *gush, gush), and the We Got Kidz franchise will be known all over the world… yeees… world domination (*ringing hands and diabolical laugh).

Anyway, this year is going to be exciting. In order to start things off right, I decided to make some resolutions. It’s something that I do every year, but I never seem to stick with it. For instance, my yoga ball didn’t get very much use from me, but it’s gotten a hell of a workout from my children. So my first New Year’s resolution is to actually make and stick to my new Year’s Resolutions… balls included.

Here are my remaining resolutions:


I resolve to clean out my refrigerator before anyone asks what that funky smell is.

I would like to think that I’m not the only one who has this nasty habit. Between leftovers and gallons of whole milk for the kids, things tend to get lost in the shuffle.

*Disclaimer: The way my fridge looks is in no way a reflection of my housekeeping skills. Nobody can see this once the door is closed.




I resolve to buy myself some new pots and pans.

When I moved in to the Fiance’s condo way back when, he owned a miscellaneous frying pan here and a random sauce pan there. He had the typical mis-matched “man set”. I brought along a couple of my own mis-matched pieces. What you’re seeing is the result. The Fiance and I are getting married in a couple of months. We weren’t going to ask for gifts given that we’ve already made our home… but I may rethink that.



I resolve to resign myself to the fact that s&#@ like this is going to begin to happen.

My children have officially graduated to toddlerhood. Their pediatrician (who happens to have twins) has told me many horror stories involving her twins and their crazy shenanigans. “Things are going to get interesting”, she said to me one day after I asked her if things were going to get any easier. I’m beginning to see this for myself. In the picture is a small car stuffed snugly inside one of the twin’s snack cups. I’m not sure which one did it, but I feel as though this was my cue to begin batting down the hatches. I guess I should begin preparing myself for the craziness that I’m sure is about to ensue as my tots approach their “terrible twos”.

Wish me luck.

Happy 2012!

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