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If you’ve been following this awesome blog, you’d know that the Father of my children and I are not married. Now in the niche that I’m in – the cutesy “Mommy Blog” world – this is taboo. That’s just not the way you do things. Will and I have every intention of getting married…

No, really.

We love each other immensely and we both come from a long line of “till death” marriages. My parents have been together for over 30 years, and Will’s parents almost 40. His grandmother and grandfather celebrated over 70 years of wedded bliss until his passing last year. So you see, we’ve both been bred to stick together.
We just did things in a funky order (much to the chagrin of our parents). Things moved fast for us. We met in ’08, moved in together in ’09, and had twins by ’10. Now I have the daunting task of planning a wedding… with built in ring bearer and flower girl.
I’m having three issues with this: 1) I hate planning events (no matter how sentimental), 2) money, and 3) more money…

We have none.

After I stopped working full time to be with the twins, our household income went down to almost half. It was a decision that we thought long and hard about. Together, we felt that the benefits would outweigh the cons.
Now I’m sure you’re asking,
“Well what about your blog? Aren’t your strategically placed ads making you a boat load of cash?”
Ha! Since We Got Kidz is in such a fledgling stage, (although growing by leaps and bounds) I hardly make pennies off of it due to my modest traffic.

*Side note:
If you’d believe it, I started this blog absolutely oblivious to the fact that it could possibly make any money. I actually just wanted to share my thoughts and stories. (Sad, I know.) Now that I know that I could potentially make a living off of it, I have no shame in my efforts.

The point is, money is scarce; so you’re about to witness the equivalent of me pulling a rabbit out of a hat to make this wedding work.I really just got to a point in my life where I even wanted a wedding. As you may have realized through some of my blog posts, I don’t have the typical “female” way of thinking. My quirks extend into the teen dream Cinderella wedding fantasy. I never really had thoughts of a “dream wedding” like so many young girls do. I would’ve been just fine with going to the Justice of the Peace… or even Vegas. (Tacky, I know.) I drink Budweiser out of a can for cryin’ out loud. I don’t need crinoline and a white carriage; but after much thought (and some convincing by my future in-laws) I felt like a small ceremony was doable and even necessary. How many kids can say that they were a part of their parent’s nuptials? [I could insert something inappropriate here, but I will restrain myself.]

So today, I am officially proclaiming this Day 1 of We Got Kids Race to the Alter. I’d like to have everything planned by March. (Stop snickering.)
I think it’s possible… but where do I begin?


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