We’re a few days into the month of December and the Christmas holiday season is officially in full swing. I would imagine that all of my responsible adult Christmas celebrators are in full Christmas mode with a well-trimmed tree and a gift or two already under the tree.

Well, for all of my slackers out there who may be looking for a fun and unique Christmas tree idea (that doesn’t involve strapping a plant onto your car to only end up in a maniacal attempt at keeping it alive and upright for the next few weeks) We Got Kidz is to the rescue with an amazing list of nontraditional (but still awesome) Christmas tree ideas.

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Why not try a wrought iron tree from Solutions.com? Getting one of these bad boys will give your ornaments the opportunity to take center stage.
All Driftwood Furniture took things to another level by offering custom made Christmas trees crafted from cedar driftwood.
RHBabyandChild.com had the awesome idea of using their light installation on a wall mounted tree created from driftwood.
For my "green" Christmas celebrators out there, here's a cool (yet slightly kitschy) tree alternative from Instructables.com: a Makedo tree made from reclaimed materials.
This ladder "Christmas Tree" found on TatteredStyle.blogspot.com is a super rustic and wonderfully chic alternative to a boring old spruce.
If quirky is your cup of tea you may love this idea of fashioning your own tree from wood slabs and nails. Finish the look by adorning your carpentry creation with ornaments. (Inspiration for Home).
Try this fun and whimsical idea from Jane at All the Luck in the World. Tack miscellaneous ornaments and knick-knacks on the wall into the shape of a tree.




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