So I’m not one to brag, but I just had the coolest Mother’s Day ever! Over the weekend the husband was dope enough to plan and take the family on an overnight trip to Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park – A family friendly destination that boasts 3,200 acres of natural beauty for your camping, hiking, and picnicking enjoyment. The husband booked us a room at the Evergreen Marriott Resort which was on the premises.

Let me just say that “impressed” isn’t a word that even begins to encompass how I felt about this impromptu gift from the husband. Planning and executing aren’t exactly this man’s strong points; so needless to say, I was absolutely floored and very pleased.

The trip, although too short, was something that we both desperately needed. Between the husband working overtime, and my twins making their transition into bonafide toddlerhood, (Lawd help me) it was nice to get away if only for a moment.

Watch as we do Stone Mountain Park in a matter of hours. It was a whirlwind getaway, and we had a blast.


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  1. […] will have more fun and feel included if you plan the hiking trip around the things they’d like to see in the forest. Waterfalls, extremely large trees, and […]

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