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H ow awesome are wedding anniversaries? They’re they perfect opportunity to remind your lovey why you both fell in love in the first place. You exchange awesome gifts, and it’s ultimately a beautiful day full of love and nostalgia. But what do you buy exactly? New clothes seem impersonal, and miscellaneous jewelry seems so cliche. Let’s take away some of the guesswork. Did you know that there are traditional anniversary gifts given for each year that you’re married?

Originally, the silver (25th) and gold (50th) were the only anniversaries celebrated. In a clever attempt to capitalize on anniversaries, those wily commercial jewelry retailers issued a more “thorough” list of gift ideas that included materials for each year up to the 15th. After the 15th year there’s a gift designated for every fifth year up to the 60th. (If you make it past 60 years, I’m sure you get some sort of Congressional Medal.)

Traditionally, in the first few years of marriage, the gifts exchanged and given are supposed to be more practical. For instance, a pretty clock or a filled photo album would be appropriate 1st anniversary gifts. As the years pass, your gifts should, theoretically, become more and more luxurious – Think jewelry and trips. I, personally, am all for this philosophy. Stability should be rewarded right? The longer we can put up with one another the greater should be the reward. 😉

On to the Traditional Anniversary Gift List…

So now that we’ve got the history down, let’s get on to the good part: the gifts. The following items are grouped by the main wedding anniversaries up to the 20th. These awesome gifts will give you some fantastic ideas on what you should give your honey bunny in order to commemorate your special day. Be inspired, and enjoy your special day!

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