If you run your own parenting website or blog using WordPress, then you’re probably a bit of an expert when it comes to publishing posts.

You spend time writing with passion, uploading beautiful images and assigning tags and keywords. You interact with your friends and manage your comments. Unfortunately, popular blogs just like yours become more of a target for hackers or a malicious virus during the holidays.

Why? There are are a number of reasons:

First, some hackers, known as “script kiddies”, do it because they think its fun. At Christmas, with schools across the world closed for the holidays, reports of low-level hacks increase – it’s to be expected if the kids are bored!

Then you have the affiliate scammers, who aim to put malicious links on your site’s pages just to make a bit of money.

But perhaps the worst type of hackers are the ones known as hijackers. These people will change your site into a gambling, spam based, or worst of all, porn site. Since more people search the internet during the Christmas holiday, the chances of hijackers stumbling onto your site content are high – especially if you review things like books or clothes. Your blog then becomes hot property.

Finally, there are the information thieves. If you sell things online then you may have sensitive information on your site that hackers want. Come Christmas, online sales go up and if you don’t have the right internet security you can wave goodbye to your customer’s details.

So how can you stop your site from getting hacked this Christmas and beyond? Well one of the best ways is to download a top security plugin. Here’s are our top three picks:

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It’s very easy to download and install any one of these plugins. All three come highly-rated by other bloggers out there. Once you’ve added this extra level of security, you can be confident you’ll have a happy holiday this season… sans hackers.


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