baby daddy
29 Aug 2011

That’s Just My Baby Daddy: A Piece Dedicated to My Husband

I got to thinking about this man that I’ve chosen to build my family with. He’s a pretty good guy. Statistics on black men are bleak to put it mildly. The majority are either in prison, illiterate, or on the ‘down low’… in that order. To think that I’ve found

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transgendered kids
28 Aug 2011

Gender Identity Disorder in Children: As a Parent, How Would You Deal?

Last night I watched a piece about transgendered kids on the Style Network. The Mother of a 16 year old transgendered um… boy was just hit on by her “son’s” male mentor… who happens to have been born a woman. Wow. I’m so torn as to what my approach would

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drive bys and
25 Aug 2011

Drive-bys, Toilet Water, and Doggy Doo – Our First Family Road Trip

The family and I just got back from an eventful family road trip to the illustrious city of Birmingham, Alabama. This is where our good friend’s the Gilchrist’s have unfortunately had to relocate for business. I was excited about the trip outside of the obvious concerns of being a victim

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24 Aug 2011


Last day in Alabama visiting our friends and twin’s Godparent’s… It was interesting to say the least. Traveling with twin ‘pseudo’ toddlers is so not something I’d recommend.. But we’ve got some hella good stories to tell… Lol. Stay tuned..

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worlds smartest twins
20 Aug 2011

World’s Smartest Family

England’s Smartest Family

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feeding time
10 Aug 2011

Feeding Time With Daddy

I suppose I should be happy that this man wants to participate in feeding time, but he’s notorious for turning a simple task into outright shenanigans… men. Gotta love ’em.  

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17 Jul 2011

Where’d the Romance Go?

My honey and I went out one Friday night for our date night. We try and do one of those at least once a month. I highly recommend it. We were trying decide between a movie or the club.. (Yes we still like to bump and grind on the dance

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14 Jul 2011

All I Can Say Is… Eww.

This may begin to sound a little juvenile and down right crass, but I’m sorry, he needs to be held accountable… I walked into the bathroom the other day to handle my business. My dear Fiance has always been good about putting down the lid after he’s drained the weasel

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14 Jul 2011


We took the kids to a restaurant for the first time without their car seats. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but we were terrified.. ‘Do restaurants have high chairs?’ All of a sudden we were clueless. The outcome was hilarious.  

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