17 Jun 2014

Kids and Summer Allergies: How to Help Them Cope

  Summer is less than a week away. You’ll soon be faced with the fact that not only did you give your child her looks, her charm, her brains and her athletic ability; but you also gave her those summer allergies that make her wheeze, sneeze, itch and twitch. The least

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Coffee Filter Wreath image via
02 Dec 2013

4 Easy, Creative, and Festive Wreaths that You Can Make with the Kids for the Holidays

  he holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year, but we all know that along with the visions of sugar plum fairies comes a host of stressors and frustrations. Finding the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for family member who already owns everything; cleaning your house before

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24 Jun 2013

Pool Season Is In Full Swing! Do You Know the Real Signs of Drowning?

It’s summer – time for pool parties, weekends at the lake or beach and visits to the water park. You’ve equipped your kids with swimming lessons, arm floaties and all the rules of the water. You may think you know all about water and pool safety for kids, but the frightening

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pack for vacation
14 May 2013

Vacation Time Is Near! How to Teach Your Child to Pack His Bags (and Buy Yourself Some Sanity)

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes multiple opportunities to pack a bag for your child. Day camp, vacation, sleepovers – the list never seems to end. If you’re already feeling tired thinking of packing suitcases and backpacks over and over for your kid, it might be

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22 Apr 2013

LEGOs: Not Just Awful Things That Get Embedded In Your Foot – They’re Great for the Imagination

  Life  with LEGOs can be dangerous, particularly after dark. There is little in the world quite as painful as stepping on a plastic brick in the middle of the night. Yet before you swear that you will throw every one of those bricks out at morning light, stop and

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25 Mar 2013

You’ve Got the Yoga Pants, Now Get Your Workout on With the Kids in Tow

  The 6 Best Ways to Work Out With Your Kids As a mom, it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner. There are so many people who need your help every single day, and finding the time to take care of your own body becomes a challenge. If

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22 Feb 2013

Monster High – Life Lesson in a Fashion Doll

Monster High – if you are the parent of a young girl or tween, you probably already are very familiar with these popular dolls. Yet, if you are like me, you are probably wondering why on earth your sweet little girl would want to play with werewolves and vampires. Before

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08 Feb 2013

How (and Why) to Throw a Valentine’s Day Bash for Your Teen

  It seemed so much easier in elementary school when you just bought a couple of boxes of generic Valentine’s Day cards for your children to address to each of their classmates. If you were feeling particularly parental or happened to be the next name on the teacher’s parent volunteer

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how to style teen hair
30 Nov 2012

How to Style Your Daughter’s Hair for the Winter Formal

Though it may not get the fanfare of prom or even homecoming, the winter formal is still a major event in your high school daughter’s life. Three big dances a year can take a chunk out of your household’s school-year budget, though, so it helps to cut costs where you

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volunteer teens
26 Oct 2012

Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem Through a Volunteer Program

For all the attention paid to making sure high school students collect impressive experiences that can decorate their college applications, not nearly as much attention is paid to simply enriching their lives through the opportunities available to them. So when the subject of volunteering comes up, it’s far more often

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teen driver
09 Oct 2012

Handing Over the Keys: How to Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids Driving

You thought it would be a good idea to teach your son how to drive a stick-shift. Three hours later, you never made it past first gear, your clutch is almost dead and you’re feeling a little motion sick. Your teenagers are used to automated everything – websites and books,

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