09 Apr 2013

How to Talk to Teachers So That You Can Get What You Want For Your Child

Every child has had one: the teacher who just won’t play nice. Sometimes it’s an older teacher who’s just done like last Thanksgiving’s turkey. Sometimes they love the girls and you have an ADHD boy. It could just be a bad personality mix. Whatever the situation, you and your child

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02 Apr 2013

Tricks to Prevent Bullying: Teaching Your Kids the Art of the Comeback

Back in the day, kids hammered out their differences with their fists or with the snarky, behind-the-scenes rumor mill. As we all know, bullying has earned its fair share of horrible press, and rightfully so. Victims suffer the emotional consequences, sometimes their entire lives. Some pay with their lives. Although

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26 Nov 2012

4 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing about childhood obesity and poor nutrition in your child’s school. I don’t even have a child and I’m raising my hand. Childhood obesity and poor nutrition are hot button topic in the schools, on the news, and among concerned parents everywhere. I’m

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