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22 Oct 2012

How Much Is Too Much?

I’ve collected video games since I was old enough to buy them on my own. Age 18 to be exact. When I say collect, I really mean it. I didn’t just buy a lot of video games to waste my life sitting in front of a TV screen twiddling my

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24 Jan 2012

Umm …. Inapproriate Much?

by Rox Fontaine Last week a friend of ours had some of her friends visiting from Japan. She and my wife coordinated a dinner outing and I agreed to tag along. It actually worked out perfectly because I was buying a new camera from a guy who had listed it

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10 Jan 2012

‘Oooooh, I’m Telling!’: Kids and Cursing

by Rox Fontaine- Watching children grow up is so awesome. There are so many milestones and transitions to mark. Their first steps, first words, first day of school and so forth. At every marker, you get so excited as a parent to see your little one(s) learn, grow, and change.

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03 Jan 2012

Style Wars

Rox Fontaine I made a conscious effort to allow my son to define his own style. I always found it ridiculous and juvenile when parents dressed their children in miniaturized adult fashions. For one, it develops a brand dependent child. Usually without a sense of financial responsibility. I feel as

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28 Dec 2011

Santa’s Funeral: How to Tell Your Children that Santa Doesn’t Exist

A few weeks B.S.C. (before site crash), I made my first contribution to WeGotKidz.com. It was a call to parents to help me figure out how to break the news to my son that Santa Claus, as mythical figure, is not real. Well, Christmas was just two days ago and

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18 Dec 2011

A Refreshing Take On the Indie Film “Being Elmo”

Last Friday I had the opportunity to catch a new independent film called “Being Elmo” with my son. We’re very fortunate to have a nearby indie/art house theater called Pelham Picture House. I was introduced to the theater a few months ago when a friend of mine was visiting from

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