The family and I were long overdue for some “R and R”. Between me having to deal with burgeoning 2-year-olds day after day and the husband transitioning into self-employment, we’ve been at the brink of madness more than I care to admit. It was time to get away.

Given that neither the husband or I have any delusions of grandeur, a huge vacation to an exotic locale was out of the question. Luckily I’m fortunate enough to have parents who live only minutes away from Carolina Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina; so a road trip up the coast for a week long stay with the folks was the plan.

My favorite (and only) sister Nicole came along for the ride, which ended up being perfect since she was then able to be the unofficial “baby wrangler” in the back seat. Besides a small diaper mishap and a spat over directions between the husband and I, the 6 1/2 hour road trip was surprisingly uneventful. We arrived in Wilmington, NC in record time ready for some fun with the family, great food, and tons of sun. During the week the parents treated us to everything from a delicious seafood dinner to a barbeque feast complete with mouthwatering ribs and juicy steaks; and despite a few rainy days early on, we were able to sneak in a much anticipated trip to the beach.

The beach trip was hilarious to witness. It was my twin’s first time seeing the ocean. The look of amazement combined with the look of pure terror on their faces was priceless. Once they got over the initial shock of it all, my children took to digging into the sand intensely – not caring at all that there were endless amounts of ocean to be enjoyed and explored. After covering themselves head to toe in beach sand, they got a kick out of watching mommy squirm as I tried to figure out how to get their little chocolate sand-covered bodies into our pristine rental car without inflicting too much damage. (How I long for the days of reckless abandon.) Needless to say, they seemed to enjoy their first experience at the beach, which was all that I could ask for.

All in all our trip to Wilmington, NC was an inexpensive, fun-filled, much needed family vacation that everyone enjoyed. I’m back – refreshed and ready to treat you all to some fun, funky-fresh content that you’re bound to enjoy ;).




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