This is a teacher that I would have LOVED to have back in high school…


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41-year-old Michael Satira of Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn, New York decided to show off his dope breakdancing skills to his students one day. His aim was simply to “better relate” to the kids; but what he ended up with was a recorded video that has since gone viral on YouTube.

Mr. Satira is director of student activities at the school (think dances, pep rallies, and the prom committee). If you ask me, he’s the perfect man for his particular position seeing as he also does work as a DJ, rapper, and entertainer to supplement his income. (How cool is this guy?!)

An unknown student filmed Mr. Satira showing off his breakdancing skills in the lunchroom of the Windsor Terrace school during eighth period last Wednesday. You can hear the kids going nuts in the background cheering their educator on.

Thankfully, Mr. Satira’s boss (Principal Thomas Arria) thinks that Michael’s interaction with the students is great, and is tickled by the video’s success.

For a 41-year-old teacher, this dude has some moves. Utilizing his dancing and rapping skills to better connect with students is a super smart move based on how hard it is to relate to teens these days.

Satira’s thoughts on it are heartwarming:

I get right in the mix with them,” he said. “The more involvement I have with the students outside of the classroom, the more I get to know them, the better education I can provide them with.”

Kuddos to you Mr. Satira.

Check out his skills in the video below:

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