I was flipping through channels in between writing tons of sickeningly cute mommy blog posts and creating awe inspiring graphic design projects, and saw an ad for Baby First TV Channel. It was available for our viewing pleasure all weekend long. (Wait a minute… people actually pay for that?)

I flipped to the channel – Not because I’m a fan of babies watching television, but I was curious to see what a “baby only” television channel would include – Maybe somebody blowing a few bubbles and some butterflies?

Once tuned in, I was immediately struck by two things: one, how mesmerizing the bright colors and soothing music were, and two, my babies were absolutely captivated. It actually started to make me uncomfortable at how long they sat still. I had to nudge my son with my toe to make sure he was still with me. I flipped the channel before my children could get sucked any further into the baby vortex. I decided, at that point, to do some research.
I discovered that the channel (which was founded by a few ad execs and baby psychiatrists) also boasted a website aptly titled… Baby First Website. I positioned my daughter in front of the laptop to see what it was all about. It was actually pretty neat. It’s set up more like one big game than a website.

My little girl was introduced to her basics, which included animals and colors. She seemed intrigued – whenever she wasn’t eating my computer mouse.

Baby First TV Is Pretty Dang Cool

I read the “For Parent’s” section and learned that if I had just stayed tuned in long enough, the channel provided a color-coded Programming Guide that would tell me what each section was doing for my baby. It also had “Interactive Subtitles” that would tell me how to interact with my kids accordingly. (Not sure if I’d ever take it that far, but I liked the though of it… I know, I’m a bad Mommy. So shoot me.)

All in all, I found that the Baby First TV Channel is a pretty cool idea. Now, I’m not sure if I would be able to tolerate it for more than 30 minute intervals, but the obvious benefits to my munchkins would be worth it.


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  1. March 6, 2016 at 6:42 am — Reply

    Pretty good idea, needs to be in the uk, please contact them to know if they broadcast in the uk yet.

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