16 Jun 2015

5 Easy and Delicious Father’s Day Breakfast Recipes

  Father’s Day is fast approaching. Are you still wondering what to do for the dopest dad in your life? Well, start by cooking him a good breakfast! There’s no doubt about it – men love to eat. Appeal to that manly trait and whip him up a tasty breakfast

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25 Sep 2012

Nectresse™ No Calorie Sweetener: Who Knew Monk Fruit Would Taste Great In Coffee?!

We Got Kidz reviews Nectresse™ No Calorie all natural sweetener – A hilariously refreshing take that will definitely have you sold.

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bacon tomato and cheese strata
17 Jul 2012

Easy Bacon, Tomato, and Cheese Strata

There’s probably not one person in the entire world who can say that they dislike lasagna. So if you had the chance to eat lasagna for breakfast you’d do it, right? Meat, tomato sauce, and cheese are all good things, so clearly you should want to eat them up for

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