13 Aug 2015

Natural Hair Kids Product Review! Aunt Jackie’s Girls [Video]

The kind folks over at Aunt Jackie’s sent us their full line of Girls products for us to try. Of course we were eager to test them out and share our results with you guys. Check out this super cute video outlining how to use the products and our fabulous

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01 Jun 2015

10 of the Best Chemical Free Products that are Safe to Use on your Child’s Natural Hair

It can be tough to sift through the many products made for natural hair in order to find the perfect ones that will be safe for your little one. Although product choice isn’t everything, what products you choose to put in your child’s hair could possibly mean the difference between

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how to repair damaged hair feat image
15 Jan 2015

How to Repair Your Child’s Dry, Damaged Natural Hair in a Few Easy Steps

“If you happen to have kinky/curly/textured hair and you’ve just really begun digging into the facts of how to take care of it in its natural state, I’m sure you’ve probably come to the conclusion that our parents had no earthly idea of what they were actually dealing with on

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01 Aug 2014

The Right Way to Take Care of Your Child’s Hair While it’s In Braids or Twists: 4 Tips

First, let’s talk about protective styles and what exactly qualifies as one. If you or your child has natural hair, a protective style can be your very best friend. Any style that keeps the hair’s ends secure, and can be left in for a week or longer with very little

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18 Jun 2014

Wash Day Natural Hair Kids: Facts and a Super Cute Video Tutorial

It’s wash day for my baby girl! Since my natural hair kids series has been doing so well, I decided to share how I wash my curly kid’s hair. Wash day has become a huge deal in the natural hair community. If you peruse any popular social network, you’ll find

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african-american-baby-hair 2
30 May 2014

A Beginners Guide to Growing an African American Child’s Hair – Pt. 2: Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

After I wrote my third article on how to take care of an African American baby’s hair, I began to get inundated with questions regarding everything from whether or not my child sleeps on a satin pillowcase (she does) to what types of shampoos to use. But the main question

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24 Jan 2014

A Beginners Guide to Growing an African American Child’s Hair (by a Mom Who’s Doing It) – Pt. 1: Hair Types

If you ask any popular search engine, caring, maintaining, and growing an African-American baby’s hair is a mystery. You’ll get a menagerie of articles outlining general maintenance, but not very many online outlets directly address the delicate strands that make up a normal African-American child’s head of hair, or what

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11 Mar 2013

8 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats to Help You Care for Your African American Baby’s Hair

Brown Baby Hair Diaries 2 – African American Baby Hair Care It’s been a year since I’ve shared any details of my baby girl’s natural hair journey. I’m happy to report that my daughter’s hair is growing and thriving phenomenally well. When I allow her hair to flow free, showcasing

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how to style teen hair
30 Nov 2012

How to Style Your Daughter’s Hair for the Winter Formal

Though it may not get the fanfare of prom or even homecoming, the winter formal is still a major event in your high school daughter’s life. Three big dances a year can take a chunk out of your household’s school-year budget, though, so it helps to cut costs where you

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20 Jan 2012

Brown Baby Hair Diaries – An African American Baby’s Hair Journey

hen doing research for this post I was surprised to find a little article (little being the operative word) containing hair care tips for African American babies on the mainstream website From that I realized that women with little brown babies are interested in finding the best ways to

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07 Oct 2011

Natural Hair Nazis, Don’t Judge Me!

Now I don’t want the National Natural Hair Coalition to come after me for this post (If that organization actually exists). I am completely for this whole “natural” movement that is taking place in my community. The “Liquid crack is whack” tagline is genius, but I’ve come to the conclusion

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