18 Oct 2015

11 of the Worst Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

  I’m sure we’re all familiar with how crazy and downright disturbing some adult Halloween costumes can get. (Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman couples costume?? Seriously??) The reality is that it’s very easy for some kid’s costumes to cross the line – instantly becoming a poor choice simply because it’s

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13 Oct 2014

Here’s What Happens When You Combine Disney Junior and Scarecrows in the Garden

  I have a set of 3-year-old boy/girl twins. Outside of the obvious benefit to this – like the fact that they have a built in playmate in one another – I’ve also found that coming up with Halloween costume ideas for the two of them can be ridiculously fun.

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06 Oct 2014

13 Super Cute Kid and Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

  There’s something about seeing kids and dogs together. I don’t know if it’s the unspoken bonds that kids and dogs seem to make, or the fact that they’re both low to the ground (which contributes to the cuteness factor). Whatever it is, seeing kids and dogs coexisting together increases

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31 Oct 2013

Happy Halloween! Have You Seen These Twin Halloween Costumes Yet? Cutest Thing EVER!

…Okay, well I’m a little biased. My twin 2-year-olds are avid Dora and Boots fans. Over the summer, my eccentric little girl decided to piece together an outfit on her own that consisted of a pair of orange shorts and a pink shirt. At that moment I knew what my

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the avengers
15 Oct 2013

20 Totally Bitchin’ Family Halloween Costume Ideas

  alloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to figure out the all important costume situation. You could go in so many different directions. Should you try and make costumes yourself or should you go with store bought? If you have multiple children, the question

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08 Oct 2013

FREE Printable Halloween Party Invitation

  Are you making any headway with your Halloween preparations? We Got Kidz is here to assist with a super cute freebie that will help you when it comes to planning your Halloween party. My last freebie brought you a printable invitation for the kid’s Halloween party – Here’s one perfect for

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02 Oct 2013

How to Survive Halloween Without Traumatizing Your Preschooler [Bonus printable included!]

  It’s October y’all! Whether you like it or not, Halloween is fast approaching. From spooky signs in retail establishments to scary movies on every channel; Halloween is unavoidable this time of year. Now, all of this may be great for you guys who enjoy the sweet feeling of adrenaline

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fall festival
16 Sep 2013

It’s Fall Festival Season! Check Out this List to Find a Fall Festival or Corn Maze Deal In a City Near You!

  ere in Atlanta, the weather is already beginning to show signs of fall. The mornings are crisp, cool, and clear and the afternoons are warm and breezy. It’s about that time to start breaking out the fleeces and windbreakers, embrace the changing seasons, and celebrate harvest time at one

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05 Sep 2013

Kid’s Halloween Party Invitations | Free Printable!

  It’s about that time again – Time to bust the kiddie’s favorite super hero costume out of the closet and commence in planning events that involve all things spooky,  creepy, and delightfully scary. Today’s freebie will help you when it comes to planning those super-cute kid’s Halloween parties. It’s

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celebrity halloween costumes
31 Oct 2012

4 of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes EVER

Halloween celebrator or not, you can’t help but to be inadvertently drawn in by all of the shenanigans that go on during this commercialized holiday. Celebrities seem to have the most fun during Halloween – attending themed parties and festivities in elaborate customized attire. Given that they have makeup artists

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villafane carved pumpkin
27 Oct 2012

Ray Villafane’s Ridiculously Awesome Hand-Carved Pumpkins

Ray Villafane – affectionately known as “The Pumpkin Master” – has “carved out” a very successful career as a talented sculptor.  His specialties include toy, sand, and most impressively, pumpkin sculpting. Ray’s pumpkin carving talents were brought to new heights when he received the opportunity to appear on Food Network’s

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