video of the week 1025
25 Oct 2012

‘Ellen’s Halloween Costumes For Kids’ | Video of the Week

Ellen Degeneres, although quirky, has an awesome sense of humor. Halloween is apparently one of her favorite holidays because it seems she pulls out all the stops putting together elaborate features and fun videos for the occasion. (If you haven’t seen her writer taking on the haunted house, it’s super

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halloween infographics
23 Oct 2012

3 Hauntingly Awesome Halloween Infographics

Believe it or not, Halloween is only eight days away. It’s a day that most Americans will use to revel in the idea of being scared. Smiling ghosts, silly witches, and intricately carved jack-o-lanterns will abound; and the kiddies will debut their adorably scary costumes with the hopes of achieving

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video of the week 1018
18 Oct 2012

‘Ellen’s Frightened Writer’ | Video of the Week – This is by far the funniest haunted house patron EVER

Last year Ellen Degeneres made the brilliant decision to send her writer Amy through a haunted maze in Universal Studios. If you haven’t seen this, prepare to be entertained. Ms. Amy proves without a doubt that people with bad nerves make for some hilarious haunted house patrons.  

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halloween costumes kids
08 Oct 2012

10 of the Coolest and Cutest Kids Halloween Costumes of 2012

Forget about those devil, ghost, and goblin getups for your kids this Halloween. Those are so 1999 (not to mention those types of costumes on a kid can be hella creepy). Do something a little different this year and dress your kid as a cuddly animal or even an inanimate

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halloween decorations easy
25 Sep 2012

5 Super Easy, ‘Un-Gaudy’ Halloween/Fall Decoration Ideas

  Between morons poisoning candy to parents reading into the holiday a little too deeply, a bit of the fun has been taken out of the Halloween experience. If you’re like me, you still take Halloween at its commercial value relishing in the giddiness and delight that spooky things, sweet

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video of the week 0920
20 Sep 2012

‘A Halloween Look’ | Video of the Week… This Girl Is Freakin’ Adorable!

Say hello to Madison – an adorable 7-year-old who has become a YouTube sensation. This kid does it all – discussing everything from how to apply makeup to critiques on her favorite nail polishes. (Her mom is a smart woman. Kuddos to her for finding a unique way for her

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homemade children's halloween costumes
18 Sep 2012

15 of the Coolest Homemade Kid’s Halloween Costumes: Get Inspired!

Halloween will be here before you know it. If you’re on a budget or you simply want an opportunity to get creative, I’ve compiled 15 of the most adorable homemade Halloween costumes for your consideration. Some of these are for the more advanced creative souls, and others can be done

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halloween costume
17 Oct 2011

Insanely Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kids

So I’m feeling the pressure of trying to find some super cute, inexpensive Halloween costumes for my twin’s first Halloween. I was forced to go to my old friend “Google” to see what I could come up with. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not the cutesy pootsy type,

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