10 May 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need a Knead this Mother’s Day from Massage Envy Spa

  When I was a single gal with no kids or a mortgage to pay, everything seemed so much simpler. My biggest worries were what time to schedule my day spa facial and what color my toenails should be. Now I’m a grownup. I’ve got two children, (three if you

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unique-mother s- day-card-ideas
09 May 2014

10 Unique Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t be like me and wait until the 11th hour to find a meaningful card – And don’t make the mistake of thinking that $1.50 and a trip to your local Five and Dime is enough to show how much you care. (I made that

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mothers day stone mountain
15 May 2012

An Off-the-Charts, Whirlwind, Super Micro-Mini Mother’s Day Vacay to Stone Mountain Park [Video]

So I’m not one to brag, but I just had the coolest Mother’s Day ever! Over the weekend the husband was dope enough to plan and take the family on an overnight trip to Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park – A family friendly destination that boasts 3,200 acres of natural beauty

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awkward photos
12 May 2012

Awkward Mommy and Me Photos

I’m sure we all have photos with our moms that are an obvious throwback to the era we grew up in. Dated clothes, tall bangs, and plaid furniture can very easily turn a cherished photo into a hilarious gem. is a site dedicated solely to the genre of collecting and displaying

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mother's day gift
11 May 2012

The Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER! [Video]… Hey Ma, Don’t Read This One…

So the husband and I… or really just “I” was on a quest to find something unique and creative to give to my mother this year for Mother’s Day. She’s a beautiful woman, and a tough little lady who has been battling pancreatic cancer for almost two years. She’s absolutely

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08 May 2012

9 of the Coolest Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Found Around the Web

Let’s face it, Mother’s Day is a hard holiday to buy gifts for; and it’s not because moms don’t throw hints or spell out their desires. It’s mainly because the men in mom’s life usually don’t pay attention. (Didn’t mean to throw you under the bus like that guys, but in

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