09 Feb 2015

Free Kids Printable “Color Me” Valentine’s Day Card

    With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I’m sure your kids have already decided who they’d like to give Valentine’s Day cards to. Get a little creative with their acknowledgments this year and print out this cool “colorable” Valentine’s Day card. The outside of the card displays a

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26 Jan 2015

Here are 3 Surefire Ways to Get the Most Out of a Romantic Hotel Stay with Your Spouse [$50 Valentine’s Day Giveaway!]

You’ve lined up a sitter for Valentine’s Day weekend and you and the spouse are ready to get a hotel room to enjoy a weekend full of debauchery and excess… or maybe just some extra sleep and a little cuddle time. Whatever the case may be, getting a hotel room

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23 Jan 2015

5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For the Romantic On A Budget

  Whether you give flowers, or boxes of fattening chocolate treats, Valentine’s Day is an awesome reason for the romantics in all of us to come out and show our sweeties how much we care. The holiday in itself has become quite commercialized with people spending millions of dollars annually

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07 Feb 2014

5 Things No One Ever Told You About Valentine’s Day…

  Whether you’ve got a boo at home or still searching for your “Greatest Love of All”, (R.I.P. Whitney) Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the ones you love a little extra… love. The kiddies and I are working on a super dope Valentine’s Day card for their dad,

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2 free printable valentines day cards
05 Feb 2014

2 More Super Cute Printable Kid’s Valentine’s Day Cards: Chalkboard and Hearts

Valentine’s Day is next Friday! (Jeez, time is going by fast.) Last week I graced you with a super unique “colorable” Valentine’s Day card that you could print and send off with the kiddies. (Because, let’s face it, those boxed perforated cards are just plain cheesy.) This week, I’ve got

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17 Jan 2014

FRIGO RevolutionWear – The Only Thing You Need to Buy for the Man In Your Life this Valentine’s Day

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to get personal. My husband wears boxer-briefs. Yes – I’m going there folks. We’re about to get down and dirty with men’s drawers. (Well, maybe not dirty. That’d be gross; but you know what I mean.) My husband was a boxer wearer when we

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14 Feb 2013

‘Kid’s React to Valentine’s Day’ | Video of the Week

Don’t you just love kids and their innocence? It’s a beautiful thing that I wish they could maintain forever. recently captured 25 kids in all of their innocent glory by questioning them on everything love. From dating and marriage to affection and babies these kids give some refreshing perspectives

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14 Feb 2013

The Cost of Love: A Valentine’s Day Infographic

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “Yet another awesome infographic? That’s two days in a row! I’ve hit the infographic jackpot!” Well maybe you aren’t saying that exactly, but either way, I just had to lay this info-filled goodie on you to commemorate the Valentine’s holiday.

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08 Feb 2013

How (and Why) to Throw a Valentine’s Day Bash for Your Teen

  It seemed so much easier in elementary school when you just bought a couple of boxes of generic Valentine’s Day cards for your children to address to each of their classmates. If you were feeling particularly parental or happened to be the next name on the teacher’s parent volunteer

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01 Feb 2013

Roses, Daisies, and… Bamboo? Oh My – We Got Kidz Reviews 1-800-FLOWERS

My good friends over at 1-800-FLOWERS recently contacted me to see if I’d review one of their floral bouquets in time for the Valentine holiday. I agreed – because who doesn’t like flowers?… Although I was unsure as to how, exactly, I was going to “review” a floral arrangement. They

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31 Jan 2013

Need An Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift… For FREE? Enter For Your Chance to Win Rose Elegance™ Premium Long Stem Roses!

Congratulations Angie Selix! You’re the winner of the Rose Elegance™ Premium Long Stem Roses from 1-800-FLOWERS! Send your mailing address to [email protected] by 12 midnight EST so that I can get you your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to stop by We Got Kidz again soon to

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