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03 Nov 2015

An Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece that You Can Make with the Kids

  Thanksgiving is fast approaching; and if it’s your turn to host the holiday festivities this year, you may be hard-pressed to find a few easy, unique, and creative ways to decorate your home. Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. Your decorating answer could be right

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20 Aug 2015

Here’s a Convenient Way the Prepaid Visa® RushCard Can Help You Manage your Budget

It’s been a few weeks since I partnered with Visa Clear Prepaid and received my Prepaid Visa® RushCard in the mail. Since budgeting and grocery shopping for a family of four can be challenging, my plan was to add my weekly grocery budget to my card and use that to help

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22 Jul 2015

Saving Money and Sanity with the Prepaid Visa® RushCard

I’m so excited! You guys are in for a treat as I’ve just teamed up with my friends at Prepaid Visa® RushCard to share with you a couple of amazing ways to keep your family on budget and more organized. Back in college, I used a prepaid card to handle

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23 Jun 2015

4 Fun, Cheap, and Easy Ways to Keep your Kids Cool this Summer [Activities Featured on AMHQ with Sam Champion!]

We’re officially in the summer season. You’ve probably heard the words “I’m bored” more than you care to. It’s too hot to just let your little boogers run around outside, and the few activities that you do have will probably only hold their short little attention spans for only a few

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internet scammers
13 May 2015

The 4 Biggest Internet Scams to Warn Your Children About

  You’ve got to give credit to those people running scams on the internet for creativity and as well as for their staying power. If only they could harness those powers for good. (Sounds like the plot for a Hollywood superhero movie, but that’s another topic for another time.) Nevertheless,

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24 Mar 2015

4 Ridiculously Easy Easter Basket Stuffer Craft Ideas [Infographic]

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably prone to waiting until the last minute to figure out what to put in your kid’s Easter baskets. Candy is, of course, the easiest route, but way too unhealthy. Those premade four foot tall Easter baskets with the plastic grass are decidedly convenient,

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20 Feb 2015

What to Buy and What to Skip at the Dollar Store

  Who doesn’t love the dollar store? You walk in to find an endless sea of trinkets, food stuffs, and household goods for a bargain basement price that you’d swear you have to have. While in the dollar store, it’s so easy to forget that old adage: you get what

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09 Jan 2015

7 Amazing Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

I remember coming home from grade school with a cut or scrape. My mom would pull out the big brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide and poor a generous amount on my affliction. It would get to bubbling and sizzling and I thought, for sure, that this had to be the

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10 Nov 2014

How to Save your Sanity This Holiday Travel Season With These 2 Easy Road Trip Activities for Kids

  At almost three years of age, my two little munchkins have had their fair share of road trips. With family in North Carolina and family friends in bordering states, my twins are no strangers to long car rides. For preschoolers, they actually do pretty well, but I’ve noticed that

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09 Sep 2014

8 Insanely Clever Kitchen Hacks

  Whether you love your kitchen because you appreciate the art of creating a home cooked meal, or you only go in it long enough to heat up your eye mask, the kitchen is a room in your home that’s unavoidable. According to, we spend almost a quarter of

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18 Aug 2014

An Easy-to-Make Sundae Topping Gift Basket Featuring a Chocolate and Fruit Pairing that You Won’t Believe

  My entire family absolutely loves chocolate. From traditional chocolate and fruit pairings to a regular old slab of breakable chocolate goodness, we relish in the caffeine fueled high that chocolate brings. My 3-year-old twins (not surprisingly) have no shame in their chocolate obsession; and my husband undoubtedly loves chocolate

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