20 Feb 2013

21 Weird [Yet Effective] Uses For Food and Other Household Junk

I’ve always been a fan of finding unusual uses for everyday things. In a tight economy “multipurposing” can be the best way to save your family a little cash. In my quest to becoming a “multipurpose maven”, I stumbled upon some great ideas regarding unusual uses for household items and

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burglar home security
25 Jan 2013

5 Home Security and Home Safety Tips That Every Parent Should Know

As a parent starting out, you have enough questions and concerns going on in your head – like “are babies supposed to roll?” There’s just so much going on in those early years and one thing that is always on mom and dad’s mind is whether or not the home

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07 Jan 2013

Extreme Makeover: We Got Kidz Edition [Part I] “Decorating for Dummies?”

So the husband and I have decided to take on the task of decorating our bedroom. We’re tired of living like broke college kids. We may not be able to do much about the broke part, but by redecorating, we can at least pretend. We’re sticking to a budget; which,

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crafts for after christmas
04 Jan 2013

2 Crafts to Make for the Kids Now that the Holidays Are Over

When Christmas day came, you were probably inundated with tons of spare wrapping paper, boxes from toys, scraps of ribbon, and various other colorful bits and bobs. It can be easy to stuff it all in a bin or bag and just throw it away; but the leftover bits and

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nontraditional christmas tree
04 Dec 2012

7 Funky-Fresh Nontraditional Christmas Tree Ideas

We’re a few days into the month of December and the Christmas holiday season is officially in full swing. I would imagine that all of my responsible adult Christmas celebrators are in full Christmas mode with a well-trimmed tree and a gift or two already under the tree. Well, for

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pantry must haves
03 Nov 2012

10 Pantry Must Haves for Emergency Preparedness and Every Day Life

Between natural disasters (curse you Hurricane Sandy!) and threats of the end of days (I dang sure hope those Mayans aren’t correct), this is as good a time as any to make sure your pantry is fully stocked and ready for whatever. If nothing else, before the holidays get into

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halloween decorations easy
25 Sep 2012

5 Super Easy, ‘Un-Gaudy’ Halloween/Fall Decoration Ideas

  Between morons poisoning candy to parents reading into the holiday a little too deeply, a bit of the fun has been taken out of the Halloween experience. If you’re like me, you still take Halloween at its commercial value relishing in the giddiness and delight that spooky things, sweet

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childrens party invitations
14 Sep 2012

Don’t Fall Prey to Generic Party Invitations: 3 Foolproof Techniques to Get Your Invites Noticed

When my little one was nearing her first birthday, I vowed to never be that parent who uses boring party invitations. You know who I’m talking about–those parents who go to the party store (or even worse, the grocery store), buy the first pack of invitations they see and write

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diy for kids
04 Sep 2012

Ridiculously Easy DIY Projects That You Can Do Right Now [Vol. 2] Kids Edition!

  Since my first installment was such a success, I decided to do another highlighting some of the funkiest in at home craft creations – this time for the kiddies. Times are tough. There’s no need to spend extra money on kid’s toys and craft supplies when you can make

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free stuff
24 Jul 2012

4 of the Best Places Online to Get Free Junk… Yes, Free! – Take a Look! We Got Kidz Partner I remember being in grade school and after having learned how to write a proper letter, I used my new found skills to write companies to request free products and samples. I had a blast for months receiving free stickers, puzzle books, magic tricks… the

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20 Jul 2012

Hey Ladies! Check Out These 4 Super Funky Ways for You to Organize Your Beauty Junk

I know most women have good intentions when it comes to organizing their beauty essentials, but too often things just end up… wherever they end up (much to the chagrin of husbands and boyfriends I’m sure). We Got Kidz is to the rescue with these 4 fantastically funky ways to

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