life hacks
07 Jul 2012

12 Creative Household Hacks Via

Since we’ve been highlighting some amazing lifehacks this week I felt that I should keep the trend going by highlighting 12 more clever solutions to every day problems. These are brought to you by – a fun little corner of the web that’s guaranteed to suck at least twenty

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parent hacks
06 Jul 2012

6 Wonderfully Useful Parent Hacks

  Who doesn’t love a good lifehack? It’s an inelegant yet clever solution to a day-to-day problem. If you Google the term, you’ll find hacks that teach you everything from how to open a banana properly to ways you can use coconut water to save a life. Being a parent

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diy projects easy
26 Jun 2012

9 Ridiculously Easy DIY Projects That You Can Do Right Now

  I love creative people. Me not being one of them – I love seeing the ingenious things people can make out of miscellaneous household objects. Who knew that you could make a tea cozy out of aluminum foil, chewing gum, and pipe cleaners?… Well I made that one up,

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repurpose household
12 Jun 2012

Reduce, Reuse… Repurpose That Junk! 11 Ways to Repurpose Old Household Items

With depleting natural resources combined with tough economic times, (poor Twinkies) finding ways to save and “repurpose” is becoming an art form and a true necessity. The once “uncrafty” are finding ways to use unwanted items in other ways – ultimately saving money and embracing the true meaning of recycling.

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05 Jun 2012

14 Fabulous Uses For Vodka… And You Thought It Was Only Good For a Hangover

  Oh vodka. Such a volatile little spirit. Vodka and I had such a tumultuous affair through my college years. We eventually ended in a rough breakup – Many times ending up back together again. He’d come calling while I was out with my friends late on a Friday night

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storage for new parents
25 May 2012

6 Super Useful Nursery Storage Ideas

Parenting is filled with surprises. Even before bringing the baby home from the hospital, new parents often marvel at the unexpected amount of gifts, supplies, and toys required for such a tiny person. Luckily, there are a variety of simple and inexpensive storage options to help you get things organized. To

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natural cleaners
30 Mar 2012

Household Cleaning the Au Naturel Way

No I’m not suggesting that you do your housework in the buff (although your husband or wife may like it). It’s time to go a little greener, and what better place to start than in your home? You’ll be surprised at some of the every day items that you can

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bed bugs
19 Mar 2012

How To Sleep Tight and Not Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Tips to Protect your Home and Family from Bed Bugs   For years, parents have had to be vigilant about trying to protect their children from head lice; now, they may need to be just as cautious about their children bringing bed bugs into the home. Bed bugs have apparently made

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unique gifts
21 Feb 2012

10 of the Coolest, Funkiest, Most Unique Gifts Found Around the Web

I think everyone has a particular time of the year that tends to be “birthday heavy”. Between friends and family members, not to mention baby showers and weddings, it may seem like you’re constantly in search of that perfect gift. Well I’m here to save the day with an awesome

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ways to display photos
17 Feb 2012

10 Fabulously Funky Ways to Display Your Family Photos

I know that I’ve officially gotten old. I find myself more concerned with keeping up with and looking at photos than making sure my fingers and toes have a fresh coat of polish. Oh how things change. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of photos. Once my twins were born, I

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