22 Oct 2014

6 Weird things that have Proven to Lead to a Happy Marriage

I’ll go ahead and say what all married folks are thinking: Marriage is stinkin’ HARD! It’s all about compromise, patience, and balance; and if one of those things is off, everything seems to go out of whack. Divorce rates are continuing to climb with many couples heading for the nearest

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24 Feb 2014

The Science Behind What Makes for a Happy Relationship

They come in all types of colors, sizes, and social classes, but you always know one when you see one – They’re a genuinely happy couple. They’ve been together for years and still seem to enjoy each other’s company. They know how to laugh together and have a way of

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09 Aug 2013

The Super-Mega-Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Guide: Themes, History, and Gift Ideas

  ow awesome are wedding anniversaries? They’re they perfect opportunity to remind your lovey why you both fell in love in the first place. You exchange awesome gifts, and it’s ultimately a beautiful day full of love and nostalgia. But what do you buy exactly? New clothes seem impersonal, and

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18 Mar 2013

1 Year Down and 60 or 70 More to Go: A 1st Wedding Anniversary

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Cheers to Our First Wedding Anniversary! The husband and I celebrated one year of marital bliss this past Saturday. We commemorated the event with a romantic dinner at Imperial Fez, a Moroccan restaurant known for its belly dancers and authentic cuisine, followed by drinks and

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male female relationships
11 Dec 2012

‘You Say She’s Just a Friend’ – Men and the Female Friend Debate

My husband has a particular personality trait that I both admire and despise about him: When he makes a friend, they’re a friend for life – Through good, bad… very bad – he believes in maintaining friendships. This attribute, although pleasant in theory, poses many obvious issues when one becomes

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marriage 101
03 Apr 2012

Marriage 101 – The Basics

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] I’m a Marriage Guru Since I’ve been married for a little over two weeks now I consider myself to be an expert in the field. I mean given that the average. U.S. marriage only lasts for about eleven years, in “marriage years” we’ve been going at

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just got married
19 Mar 2012

I’m 72 Hours In and I’m Liking This Marriage Thing…

I’m back! I guess the friendly spirits wanted me to get married this past weekend because – I hesitate to use this word – but things went… perfectly. This, I can honestly say was the best weekend ever. The weather held up, and minus a cute confused little round white

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10 Jan 2012

A Wedding Is Not a Marriage

A Goody Resurrected From Before the Site Crash… If you’ve been following this awesome blog, you’d know that the Father of my children and I are not married. Now in the niche that I’m in – the cutesy “Mommy Blog” world – this is taboo. That’s just not the way

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