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24 Mar 2014

How My Blog Design Got Me on TV

“You see, it’s in the presentation. That’s the way she brought you here…on a garbage can lid…” I was a huge Cosby Show fan when I was little girl. Every Thursday night at 8:00, my family and I would get comfy in front of the television and watch Cliff and

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16 Oct 2013

‘The Mother of All Meltdowns’: A Brilliant Collection of Stories that Every Mother Should Read

  y twin 2-year-olds, fresh from a weekend at grandma’s, were in desperate need of – what I’d like to call – some serious “de-spoiling”. They seemed to always come back from my in-laws with bellies bloated from tons of unauthorized goodies and mouths ripe to express their distaste for

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07 Oct 2013

How I Justify Exploiting My Children on the Internet

  y twin preschoolers are all over the internet. I genuinely delight in capturing and sharing every adorable little moment of their lives. Snapping photos without abandon, I relish in every like, thumbs-up, or share that each photo receives. From Instagram to Facebook, their tiny little faces – along with

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08 Aug 2013

What It Means to Be an African-American Blogger in a Predominantly White Niche: My Guest Post On Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Being a little brown dot in a sea of beige comes with some unexpected pressure and responsibility. Check out my guest post on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad where I explain why it’s necessary for me to acknowledge my race in this predominantly Caucasian world of mommy blogging. Read

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24 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz ‘Brilliant Blogger Broad’ of the Week: C. Lee of

his week’s “Brilliant Blogger Broad” is a mother of one, a self-proclaimed occasional hot mess, and a proud believer in the “helicopter” style of parenting. Her name is C. Lee [“sealy”]; and her blog,, is a fantastic reflection of her wonderfully unorthodox life. Quite aware of the many naysayers

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18 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz ‘Brilliant Blogger Broad’ of the Week: Janis of

his weeks “Brilliant Blogger Broad” is a coach’s wife, certified parent life coach, and well versed in all things that come with being a “sports parent”. Have a kid that plays sports? Janis is the one you need to talk to! She’ll help you and your child get the most

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09 Jul 2013

We Got Kidz Brilliant Blogger Broad of the Week: Angela of

They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us say, “Thank goodness I’m not the only one.” – They’re mommy bloggers. And in a world where it’s easy to feel like you’re alone, these wonderful women remind us that we’re all connected and in this parenting thing together

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20 Jun 2013

Tips from a “Work-at-Home” Mom – 4 Tips for Working from Home

[box]This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Staples. All opinions, of course, are of yours truly 🙂[/box] I often get asked how it is I got this blog to the point that it is today. Now, I’m no Ree Drummond, but I’ve made some pretty awesome

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27 Feb 2013

16 Breakout Women Bloggers of 2013

Blogging has rapidly become the “job” of choice for creative and industrious women all over the world. Millions of women annually join the ranks of women blog veterans like Ree Drummond and Penelope Trunk in an attempt to become a standout in their chosen niche. The industry in and of

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21 Dec 2012

Attention Bloggers! Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid Getting Hacked This Christmas

If you run your own parenting website or blog using WordPress, then you’re probably a bit of an expert when it comes to publishing posts. You spend time writing with passion, uploading beautiful images and assigning tags and keywords. You interact with your friends and manage your comments. Unfortunately, popular

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15 Oct 2012

“Hi My Name Is Kesha… and I’m A Mommy Blogger”

  This is how it starts… A friend of ours was doing some training for one of those money management insurance companies. The husband and I agreed to listen to one of her presentations. – Anything to help a friend. The gentleman that was leading her presentation asked me what

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