influential women bloggers
11 Jun 2012

12 Uber Fab Up-and-Coming Influential Women Bloggers You Should Definitely Get to Know

Over the past few years the number of women who blog has grown exponentially. There are over 18.9 million women who write blogs according to the Pew Research Center; and according to recent statistics, women blogs are wielding the widest influence. From Heather over at Dooce to Jill at Scary

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how to suck at facebook
03 Mar 2012

How to Suck At Facebook Via

All of my die hard Facebookers will get a kick out of this one. The creators of (one of my favorite sites) have broken down all Facebook users into nine hilarious categories. You’re in denial if you don’t believe that you fit into at least one. Related Content: Brooklyn

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05 Oct 2011

RSS Feed.. What the Heck Is It?

Being a new Mommy Blogger on the scene I’ve learned all kinds of things. I kept hearing about “RSS Feeds” and “Subscriptions” and had no clue what the heck it was. ‘Feeds’? I like to eat. Now that I know that it has nothing to do with food, I wanted

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