13 Oct 2014

Here’s What Happens When You Combine Disney Junior and Scarecrows in the Garden

  I have a set of 3-year-old boy/girl twins. Outside of the obvious benefit to this – like the fact that they have a built in playmate in one another – I’ve also found that coming up with Halloween costume ideas for the two of them can be ridiculously fun.

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01 Oct 2014

Want Home “Cooked” Meals from your Kids? Target’s Toy Emporium Can Help You Get Them!

  My 3-year-old twins have a bit of a double blow when it comes to their birthday. Not only do they have to deal with having to share their special day with one another, but their birthday also falls at the beginning of December. Their dad and I are left

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10 Sep 2014

How One Little App from Sears can save you Some Serious Time and Money

  I know you were drawn in by the possibility of saving more time and money (because who doesn’t need to save that?!); but I want to start with an awesome personal story inspired by Sears… I remember getting up early one Saturday morning. I was around 8-years-old and was

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butter to olive oil conversion featured 100%
26 Aug 2014

Here’s Why You and Butter Should Officially Break Up this Month – Butter to Olive Oil Conversion, and a Cool Contest!

  If you’re a friend to We Got Kidz, I’m sure you’re well aware that Pompeian and their brand of oils have been a staple in my kitchen for years. Last year Pompeian sent me a bottle of their Oil Cooking Spray to check out, and this year they’ve sent

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20 Aug 2014

SOL REPUBLIC Deck: Back-to-school Gift Pick and Giveaway! [Giveaway Closed]

  If you’re a fan of We Got Kidz, I’m sure you’re well aware of my family’s love of music and dancing. In a lot of our YouTube videos you can catch us having impromptu dance parties and “shaking our tail feather” to our favorite jams. We just love music

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18 Aug 2014

An Easy-to-Make Sundae Topping Gift Basket Featuring a Chocolate and Fruit Pairing that You Won’t Believe

  My entire family absolutely loves chocolate. From traditional chocolate and fruit pairings to a regular old slab of breakable chocolate goodness, we relish in the caffeine fueled high that chocolate brings. My 3-year-old twins (not surprisingly) have no shame in their chocolate obsession; and my husband undoubtedly loves chocolate

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piccadilly sides
23 Jul 2014

Who Needs Meat?! Everyone’s Favorite Cafeteria Is Helping You to Some Slimmer Sides This Summer

[box] This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Piccadilly Restaurants for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. [/box]   When I was a little kid, every Sunday my family and I would go out for dinner. More often than not we’d end up at Piccadilly. It

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23 Jun 2014

Here Is THE Perfect Meal to Help You Refuel While On-the-go This Summer – RECIPE

  It’s officially summer y’all! If you’re anything like me, your summer will soon be a blur of roadtrips, pool visits, and family activities, with summer anthems and car tires in constant rotation. Having a quick and easy way to refuel while on-the-go is a necessity during these summer months.

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10 May 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need a Knead this Mother’s Day from Massage Envy Spa

  When I was a single gal with no kids or a mortgage to pay, everything seemed so much simpler. My biggest worries were what time to schedule my day spa facial and what color my toenails should be. Now I’m a grownup. I’ve got two children, (three if you

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28 Apr 2014

How a Cheap Wireless Plan Simultaneously Relieved My Stress and Made Me the Best Daughter-in-law Ever

  Cheap Wireless Plans Can Reduce Your Mommy Stress I’m sure it will come to a surprise to a lot of you, my readers, that my husband lost his job about a month ago. After it happened, (and after I finished panicking) we determined immediately that there were certain steps

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06 Apr 2014

Here’s One Small Thing that You Can do Every Day to Increase your Child’s Self-esteem

  My twins appreciated the concept of eating together as a family very early on. I remember them being only a year or two old pointing their little chubby fingers at an empty seat in front of them, attempting to get my husband and I to sit down with them

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