clipa handbag hanger
21 Jan 2013

We Got Kidz Reviews Clipa Handbag Hanger – A Functional Bag Accessory That You Never Knew You Needed

The other day I received a nifty little gadget in the mail called Clipa. (Ladies listen up, because this is an item that you never knew you needed until someone gives it to you to use.) Clipa is a metal ring you use while out and about to keep your

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breast cancer awareness
29 Sep 2012

Support the FRESCHETTA® Pizza Team’s THE STRENGTH OF 1 Campaign for a Chance to Win $500!

The makers of FRESCHETTA® Pizza have recently teamed up with Bright Pink in the fight against breast cancer. Bright Pink is the only national not for profit organization that focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and overian cancer in young women. FRESCHETTA® Pizza is sponsoring Bright Pink

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18 Jun 2012

Havaianas – The Cadillac of Flip Flops and Shoes

s I’ve gotten older (I’ll be 22 for the 10th time on my next birthday) I’ve begun to better understand the necessity in spending a little extra money on quality and investing in a product that will last. The fact will always remain that you get what you pay for,

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uprinting giveaway
19 Apr 2012

We Got Kidz™ Sticker Giveaway – Stickers Aren’t Just for the Kiddies [Giveaway Closed]

For all intents and purposes, yours truly is a nerd. My nerd abilities extend into the field of graphic artistry and design. “Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” (See I told you I was a nerd.) Because of my love for graphic design and all things

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