28 Oct 2013

Overdue for a Girl’s Night? Here’s How NickMom Inspired Me to Throw a Girl’s Night Like a Boss

  “Girl, he’s done it.” I was on the phone with one of my girlfriends who happened to be a single mother to three teenaged-sons. I swear she needed her own mommy TV show. She was telling me of her eldest son’s newest exploits. “He did what exactly?” I asked

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raising izzie
20 Jul 2012

We Got Kidz Attends the Premier and Prescreening of ‘Raising Izzie’ – This Was a Pleasant Surprise…

This past Wednesday We Got Kidz was asked to attend what would be our second movie screening in two weeks. (We Got Kidz is on the fast track it would seem.) This one was for a GMC original television film called Raising Izzie – a faith and family based movie

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The Obama Effect Image
16 Jul 2012

We Got Kidz Prescreens ‘The Obama Effect’: Bizarre and Misguided are the First Words that Come to Mind…

Last Tuesday I received and accepted my first invitation to prescreen a new movie – an independent film called The Obama Effect. It’s written and directed by Charles S. Dutton and stars some pretty notable actors from out of the African American community. I’ll delve into the movie a little

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steel magnolias
27 Apr 2012

The “Black” ‘Steel Magnolias’… Will This Be a Do or a Don’t?

The 1989 tearjerker Steel Magnolias is a classic. I’m sure I’m one of hundreds of thousands of women who cries every time Shelby dies and her mom M’Lynn breaks down at the funeral. Now they’re making a modern day version with, interestingly enough, an all black cast. The remake, set

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mary mary
23 Apr 2012

“Mary, Mary” – A Hot New WE T.V.™ Reality Series That You Definitely Shouldn’t Sleep On

We T.V. is about three episodes in to what I’d classify as currently one of the most positive depictions of a “celebrity” black family on television. Having amassed three Grammy wins and six nominations – along with many other awards and accolades over the course of their career –  Mary

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featured image template
18 Dec 2011

A Refreshing Take On the Indie Film “Being Elmo”

Last Friday I had the opportunity to catch a new independent film called “Being Elmo” with my son. We’re very fortunate to have a nearby indie/art house theater called Pelham Picture House. I was introduced to the theater a few months ago when a friend of mine was visiting from

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baby first tv
21 Oct 2011

Baby First TV Unveiled: What the Baby Channel Is All About

was flipping through channels in between writing tons of sickeningly cute mommy blog posts and creating awe inspiring graphic design projects, and saw an ad for Baby First TV Channel. It was available for our viewing pleasure all weekend long. (Wait a minute… people actually pay for that?) I flipped

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12 Oct 2011

BET’s "Reed Between the Lines"…hmm

So I watched the debut of Reed Between the Lines with the Fiance last night. It’s this new sitcom on B.E.T. starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcom-Jamal Warner. Now let me start by saying that I haven’t been a fan of B.E.T. or its programming choices for quite some time.

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