23 Jun 2015

4 Fun, Cheap, and Easy Ways to Keep your Kids Cool this Summer [Activities Featured on AMHQ with Sam Champion!]

We’re officially in the summer season. You’ve probably heard the words “I’m bored” more than you care to. It’s too hot to just let your little boogers run around outside, and the few activities that you do have will probably only hold their short little attention spans for only a few

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12 Aug 2014

10 Simple Family Activity Ideas to Help You Celebrate National Family Fun Month

  I’m all about some family togetherness. My twins, husband, and I have created some awesome memories simply by taking a moment to do a cool activity with one another. Whether it be as simple as putting a puzzle together or as elaborate as taking a trip to the beach,

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24 Jul 2014

A Turned Up Atlanta Summer with the We Got Kidz Crew [Video]

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23 Jun 2014

Here Is THE Perfect Meal to Help You Refuel While On-the-go This Summer – RECIPE

  It’s officially summer y’all! If you’re anything like me, your summer will soon be a blur of roadtrips, pool visits, and family activities, with summer anthems and car tires in constant rotation. Having a quick and easy way to refuel while on-the-go is a necessity during these summer months.

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20 Jun 2014

Summer Is Almost Here! What’s Your Favorite Summer Activity?

The first day of the summer season begins tomorrow – are you ready for it? Most kids are on summer vacation and are probably already itching for fun things to do. Do you have a go-to summer activity that you love to do with the kids? I want to know

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17 Jun 2014

Kids and Summer Allergies: How to Help Them Cope

  Summer is less than a week away. You’ll soon be faced with the fact that not only did you give your child her looks, her charm, her brains and her athletic ability; but you also gave her those summer allergies that make her wheeze, sneeze, itch and twitch. The least

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26 May 2014

8 Summer Camp Essentials You’ll Regret Not Packing for Your Kids

I featured these items on Better Mornings Atlanta! CBS46 News Memorial Day brings the unofficial start to summer – And with summer comes a fantastic time in the lives of parents all over the world who are in need of a little break: summer camp. Outside of the much needed

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24 Jun 2013

Pool Season Is In Full Swing! Do You Know the Real Signs of Drowning?

It’s summer – time for pool parties, weekends at the lake or beach and visits to the water park. You’ve equipped your kids with swimming lessons, arm floaties and all the rules of the water. You may think you know all about water and pool safety for kids, but the frightening

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18 Jun 2013

Curing Summer Boredom: Creative & Fun Ideas for Kids

6 Summer Ideas for Kids School’s out for summer! Eventually, kids have trouble keeping themselves occupied. Parents don’t have to look beyond their own backyards to cure their children’s boredom. From creative crafts to fun backyard projects and a plethora of safe games will keep your kids amused while also developing

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14 Jun 2013

How to ‘Summerize’ Your Home: 5 Tried and True Summer Updates that Your Kids Will Love

As the warm air flows in, the nights get longer, and the kiddies are let out of school, we enter into one of the most exciting seasons of the year for children: summer. With nature in full bloom, kids have the opportunity to go outdoors and explore wildlife, and make

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crafts preschoolers
25 Jun 2012

Summer Is In Full Swing! Keep Your Preschoolers Busy With This Collection of Fun Activities

With an over abundance of curiosity and extremely short attention spans preschoolers are next to impossible to continuously keep busy. We Got Kidz is to the rescue with this awesome collection of super fun activities that will be sure to stimulate your preschooler’s still developing little brain. From homemade dinosaur

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