Pet Friend. French Bulldog Portrait. Shallow DOF, Focus on Eyes.
26 Feb 2015

5 Educational Lessons Your Kids Can Learn from the Family Dog

  Has your little one been asking for a pet? – A pet of the four-legged, furry, “arf-arf” variety? I know your knee-jerk reaction may be to say no; but you’d be surprised to find that there are some actual benefits to making a dog a part of the family.

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29 Oct 2014

5 Brilliant Ways to Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores

hether you’re ready for it or not, the holiday season is almost upon us. There will be family members visiting and dinner parties to plan. To make it through, you’ll need to get a system in place to keep the house clean, organized, and “showroom” ready. But there’s a dilemma…

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22 Apr 2013

LEGOs: Not Just Awful Things That Get Embedded In Your Foot – They’re Great for the Imagination

  Life  with LEGOs can be dangerous, particularly after dark. There is little in the world quite as painful as stepping on a plastic brick in the middle of the night. Yet before you swear that you will throw every one of those bricks out at morning light, stop and

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02 Apr 2013

Tricks to Prevent Bullying: Teaching Your Kids the Art of the Comeback

Back in the day, kids hammered out their differences with their fists or with the snarky, behind-the-scenes rumor mill. As we all know, bullying has earned its fair share of horrible press, and rightfully so. Victims suffer the emotional consequences, sometimes their entire lives. Some pay with their lives. Although

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22 Jun 2012

‘Don’t Say the ‘B’ Word’ – Ending My Children’s Love Affair With the Bottle

Up until yesterday, my twin tots still drank out of a bottle. Yes, I know they’re almost 19 months old; and yes, I know the bottle could do funky things to their teeth… but given that that was the only consequence of continued bottle usage that I’ve been able to

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TIME breasfeeding cover
10 May 2012

Twitter Users React to Controversial ‘Time’ Breastfeeding Cover – Have Any of These Women Ever Heard of a Breast Pump?

Time unveiled a very revealing cover for its latest issue, and Twitter has had plenty to say about it. The cover features Jamie Lynne Grumet, a 26-year-old California mom, shown breast-feeding her son Aram, who turns four next month. In the issue — titled, “Are You Mom Enough?” — Grumet

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teach kids how to use fork
13 Apr 2012

Parenting To Do #25: Teach the Kids How to Use Eating Utensils | [Video]

I have to admit that I’ve been quite lax in my efforts to teach my twins how to properly use utensils. Maybe lax isn’t the best word… My efforts have been more along the lines of non-existent; so shoot me. I never claimed to be super mom. It’s just easier

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funny things kids say
06 Apr 2012

Amusing Things My Kids Have Said

Guest blogger Kieron Casey shares some of the hilarious things that his children have said.   Children’s use of language is a constant source of amusement as they learn what phrases mean and what is socially acceptable to say out loud. The early years are a wonderful expressive time, and

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one year olds
27 Mar 2012

Facts That Prove That One-Year-Olds Are Cold Calculating Heartless Creatures… That You Can’t Help But To Love

  We have what I’d like to call a “reading corner” in the living room of our home. In that reading corner stands an old hand-me-down bookshelf. The bottom two shelves of this bookshelf are neatly stacked with board books and kid appropriate games, and the top two shelves are

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31 Jan 2012

Fun Games You Can Play With A One Year Old

  lthough everyone may not acknowledge it, being a stay at home mom is a tough full time job. I put in overtime every week cooking every day, washing clothes, picking up toys, and most importantly… playing with, and aiding in the development of my twin tots. My children are

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toddler-cursing image via geeky dot nu featured image
10 Jan 2012

‘Oooooh, I’m Telling!’: Kids and Cursing

by Rox Fontaine- Watching children grow up is so awesome. There are so many milestones and transitions to mark. Their first steps, first words, first day of school and so forth. At every marker, you get so excited as a parent to see your little one(s) learn, grow, and change.

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