style wars featured
03 Jan 2012

Style Wars

Rox Fontaine I made a conscious effort to allow my son to define his own style. I always found it ridiculous and juvenile when parents dressed their children in miniaturized adult fashions. For one, it develops a brand dependent child. Usually without a sense of financial responsibility. I feel as

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tampons and cheetoh
03 Oct 2011

Tampons and Cheeto Bags – 10 Month Old Baby Milestones

As a child, I heard tell from my parents of how they’d spend their hard-earned money on some extravagant toy only to find that most of my fun and enjoyment was provided to me by the box the toy came in. I would often roll my eyes at these stories

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13 Sep 2011

Roll Over for Goodness Sake! The Truth About When Babies Begin to Roll Over

I started this blog in order to create a sounding board and a “cautionary tale” for new parents, old parents, potential parents and the like. Falling into the “new parent” (and some days the “never again” parent) category, I often wonder if I’m doing things right and if my children

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