16 Jul 2014

Cell Etiquette 101: 8 Tips You Should Share with Your Teen

  Back in 2012 one astute momma by the name of Janell decided that it was time to get her 13-year-old son his very first cellphone. Receiving a first phone has become a rite of passage for teens of today; but often teens don’t realize the responsibility that comes along

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child eating burger
11 Jul 2014

63 Restaurants Where Your Kid Can Eat for FREE (or Almost Free) [Infographic]

  We’re a family that’s on a budget; so I’m sure you can imagine that when we are able to scrape a few coins together to go out and enjoy a meal together as a family that I definitely want to get my money’s worth. With that being said, I

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tied knot 2
07 Jul 2014

‘Cut, Tied, and Burned’ – One Mom’s Personal Reflections On Getting Her Tubes Tied

  I can’t have any more children. Now I may get some negative comments for this post, but hey – I’m all about creating a dialogue. So again… I can’t have any more children. No, I didn’t have cysts, or cancer, or any other unfortunate physical ailment. I had my

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26 May 2014

8 Summer Camp Essentials You’ll Regret Not Packing for Your Kids

I featured these items on Better Mornings Atlanta! CBS46 News Memorial Day brings the unofficial start to summer – And with summer comes a fantastic time in the lives of parents all over the world who are in need of a little break: summer camp. Outside of the much needed

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19 May 2014

The Art of Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag

If you’re a new mom, or even a part time child care provider, you know that packing a diaper bag for a baby is an art form. Extreme organization skills and a touch of OCD and ESP are necessary to create the perfect balance of absolute essentials and “just in

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achieve goals with a family 2
13 May 2014

5 Ways to Accomplish Personal Goals When You Have a Family

  Life doesn’t have to stop once you get married and have kids. In fact, your family can be your motivation to reach your goals and achieve success. Part of the joys of having a family is that they can be your biggest cheerleaders, so don’t let your lifestyle hold

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07 May 2014

How to Make Family Memories and Save Some Dough with ScoreBig.com

  I happen to live in one of the coolest cities ever: Atlanta, Georgia. Also known as “The A”, “Hotlanta”, “A-Town”, “Chicago of the South” – you get the drift. Outside of the definitive seasons and the perfect mix of city life, country life, and diverse cultures, there’s one thing

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24 Apr 2014

10 Full-proof Tips that Will Help You Prepare Your Kid for Kindergarten

  If you’ve got preschoolers at home like I do, the fact that you don’t have much longer to be with your little ones may be looming in the back of your mind. (They grow up so fast! *tear.) It may be scary to think of the littlest members of

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06 Apr 2014

Here’s One Small Thing that You Can do Every Day to Increase your Child’s Self-esteem

  My twins appreciated the concept of eating together as a family very early on. I remember them being only a year or two old pointing their little chubby fingers at an empty seat in front of them, attempting to get my husband and I to sit down with them

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Face of a funny cook housewife. Recipe copy space
31 Mar 2014

True ‘Mom Confessions’: See Where You Stack Up in this Family Circle Survey

  I’m a firm believer in the old adage that “sharing is caring”. Putting your business out there and letting people know what’s really going on in your world can be a catharsis – especially if your problems are being shared with people that you know and trust. Lots of

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2 free printable valentines day cards
05 Feb 2014

2 More Super Cute Printable Kid’s Valentine’s Day Cards: Chalkboard and Hearts

Valentine’s Day is next Friday! (Jeez, time is going by fast.) Last week I graced you with a super unique “colorable” Valentine’s Day card that you could print and send off with the kiddies. (Because, let’s face it, those boxed perforated cards are just plain cheesy.) This week, I’ve got

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