30 Jul 2013

An Unconventional Path to Parenthood…

  n high school, I had my entire life planned out. I’d graduate and then go to college – A historically black one, because A Different World made them seem like so much fun. Then I’d graduate from college around the middle of my class (because no one likes an

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25 Jul 2013

Polar Baring? Alcohol Smoking?? Condom Snorting??? 10 Troubling Teen Trends All Parents Should Know About

  ack-to-school season is approaching fast; and with that comes eager teens leaving the nest and heading off to college. Before you say your teary goodbyes though, you should make it a point to sit down and have a serious chat with your kid. Apparently the teens and young adults

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22 Jul 2013

Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Parents Need to Know

  ullying and cyberbullying are two types of the same disease: the unwarranted thirst for power over others. It may start with a negative home life, a stressful living situation or abusive persons within the bully’s life. It may be a way for a new person to ingratiate themselves within

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24 Jun 2013

Pool Season Is In Full Swing! Do You Know the Real Signs of Drowning?

It’s summer – time for pool parties, weekends at the lake or beach and visits to the water park. You’ve equipped your kids with swimming lessons, arm floaties and all the rules of the water. You may think you know all about water and pool safety for kids, but the frightening

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13 May 2013

Children’s TV: Going Digital – How You Can Keep Up With the Trend

Children’s TV – Appropriate or otherwise, it’s hard to find just plain good TV for your kids these days. Once we subtract all the trashy reality shows from TV and take out all of the shows that are inappropriate for children, the ones that are poorly written or questionable or

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13 May 2013

I Know What It Means to be a Good Mom, Because I Had One

Last week you may have noticed that new posts were absent here on We Got Kidz. Well, last Sunday at around 3:00 pm, my mother lost her brave 2-year long battle against pancreatic cancer. My family surrounded her as she took her final breaths of life, and we were blessed

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30 Apr 2013

The Talk: 5 Difficult But Necessary Topics to Discuss with Your Children

Talking with your children about different life topics may be a scary thing to think about, but it’s necessary in providing them with insight and information that they will need to have while growing up. From saying no to drugs and alcohol, to learning about the birds and the bees,

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11 Apr 2013

The Moment That (ALMOST) Made Me Regret My Decision to Become a Parent

Six months after my twins were born, the husband and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to step down from my management position at a popular women’s clothing retailer and stay at home with our children full time. A large percentage of my income was

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02 Apr 2013

Tricks to Prevent Bullying: Teaching Your Kids the Art of the Comeback

Back in the day, kids hammered out their differences with their fists or with the snarky, behind-the-scenes rumor mill. As we all know, bullying has earned its fair share of horrible press, and rightfully so. Victims suffer the emotional consequences, sometimes their entire lives. Some pay with their lives. Although

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01 Apr 2013

Is the Internet Making Our Kids Stupid? [Infographic]

On many occasions I’ve witnessed one of my twin 2-year-olds take my iPhone and navigate to the game applications effortlessly. We play online children’s games regularly, and although I post on their behalf, they’re no stranger to Facebook or Instagram – giggling readily when they catch a glimpse of themselves

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13 Mar 2013

Adventure Time: 5 Tips for Making the Most of a Family Hike

Planning a family trip to the local national forest is a fun way to encourage everyone to exercise. Hiking as a family is an effective way to burn calories and strengthen muscles in both you and the kids. Exploring the great outdoors can often times be a bit tricky with

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