22 Feb 2013

Water Safety: How to Keep Your Kids Safe as it Warms Up

  Children and parents will be heading outdoors as the weather starts to warm up. Playing in a pool or lake is a fun activity that nearly every child can enjoy for hours each day, but playing in the water presents some very real dangers that need to be addressed.

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mommy confessions
05 Feb 2013

Ultimate Mommy Confessions: How Far Is Too Far When Confessing Truths About Parenthood?

  tumbling around on the internet one night I came across an article written by a lady named Jill Smokler. She happens to be an ultimate cool kid and the writer and editor of the popular mommy blog Jill has somehow managed to parlay a simple site for parenting

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18 Jan 2013

Three Essentials Every Girl Should Learn Before Womanhood


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18 Jan 2013

Home Alone: How Old Is Old Enough?

  We’ve all seen the movie in which a little boy finds himself at home and alone for the Christmas holidays. While we may enjoy imagining our children to be as quick-witted and resourceful as the character in the film, the truth is that it’s scary to leave kids home

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Child on Floor - Parents Using Laptop
14 Jan 2013

5 Must-Read Parenting Posts From Around the Web

  For parents, the internet is a veritable smorgasbord of entertaining visual delights. From adorable viral videos to mind blowing baby memes, you can spend hours clicking around without ever finding anything of true value. We Got Kidz is to the rescue with a short list of some of the

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05 Jan 2013

A Simple Dad & Daughter Moment That Will Hopefully Make You Smile

Frank Somerville, a Caucasian Television Reporter out in California, posted the following image of himself taking braids out of his adopted African American daughter’s hair onto Facebook: The caption read: “So for those of you who think TV can be glamorous, this is how i spent my morning, learning how

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mom driving road rage
04 Jan 2013

Baby on Board? 5 Ways to Curb Road Rage

ow that you’re a parent; it’s time that you started driving more safely. No, you don’t have to drive 20 mph when it’s sprinkling outside or signal a turn 500 feet ahead, but you do have to curb the road rage. Not only does your anger distract you and cause

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learning development toddlers
21 Dec 2012

Learning for Toddlers: Tips from a Preschool Teacher turned Stay-at-Home Mom

  Two things to remember about toddlers is that they are not yet averse to learning (as most of the rest of us are). They are naturally curious about their environment, and thus, perfect learners – or, at the very least, WILLING learners. The other thing to remember is that

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how to style teen hair
30 Nov 2012

How to Style Your Daughter’s Hair for the Winter Formal

Though it may not get the fanfare of prom or even homecoming, the winter formal is still a major event in your high school daughter’s life. Three big dances a year can take a chunk out of your household’s school-year budget, though, so it helps to cut costs where you

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26 Nov 2012

4 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing about childhood obesity and poor nutrition in your child’s school. I don’t even have a child and I’m raising my hand. Childhood obesity and poor nutrition are hot button topic in the schools, on the news, and among concerned parents everywhere. I’m

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mom nurse
16 Nov 2012

You’re a Great Mom… Could You Be a Great Nurse?

You’ve heard it said before and you know how true it is. Being a mom is the toughest job you will ever do. No matter how old your kids are, you’ve probably discovered that the oh-so-magical journey of parenthood has given you some indispensable skills in how to handle a

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