lego blocks gift wrap
08 Jul 2013

3 Super Cool Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

[box] Today we have an awesome guest blogger who’s giving us some super cool ideas on how to wrap your kid’s party presents. When the kiddies attend birthday parties and events this summer, help them stand out with these 3 custom gift wrapping ideas that they can help you create!

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18 Jun 2013

Curing Summer Boredom: Creative & Fun Ideas for Kids

6 Summer Ideas for Kids School’s out for summer! Eventually, kids have trouble keeping themselves occupied. Parents don’t have to look beyond their own backyards to cure their children’s boredom. From creative crafts to fun backyard projects and a plethora of safe games will keep your kids amused while also developing

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15 Feb 2013

Grow Smart Kids: 4 TV Shows That Will Make Your Children Smarter

  You may hear a lot of alarming statistics about children watching too much TV these days. While it is true that children today watch more television than in previous generations, parents can take a little peace of mind from the fact that there are more high-quality, fun, and educational

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halloween costumes kids
08 Oct 2012

10 of the Coolest and Cutest Kids Halloween Costumes of 2012

Forget about those devil, ghost, and goblin getups for your kids this Halloween. Those are so 1999 (not to mention those types of costumes on a kid can be hella creepy). Do something a little different this year and dress your kid as a cuddly animal or even an inanimate

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baking with toddler
16 Jul 2012

Cooking With Toddlers – “Without Cookies There Would Be Darkness and Chaos” [Recipe]

Now, before I begin, I have to put out a disclaimer: my son is a healthy eater, and eats plenty of fruits and vegetables. In fact, grape tomatoes and avocados are two of his favorite foods. That being said, he also inherited my sweet tooth. And this tooth is not

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09 Jul 2012

3 Tried and True Summer Activities for Toddlers

I have a three year old. That should be self explanatory for other parents, but just in case its not… I am a professional entertainer for my three-year-old. Whether it is dancing around like a looney singing “poopy in the potty” or reading Corduroy… for the THIRD time… My life

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crafts preschoolers
25 Jun 2012

Summer Is In Full Swing! Keep Your Preschoolers Busy With This Collection of Fun Activities

With an over abundance of curiosity and extremely short attention spans preschoolers are next to impossible to continuously keep busy. We Got Kidz is to the rescue with this awesome collection of super fun activities that will be sure to stimulate your preschooler’s still developing little brain. From homemade dinosaur

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A World of Food
04 Jun 2012

We Got Kidz Reviews Children’s Book ‘A World of Food’… It’s a Feast for the Eyes… Literally

So the book fairy dropped by my house yesterday and left me a present. (Seriously though, I have no clue where the book came from, and I really don’t remember requesting it from the publisher – But hey, we’ll roll with it. It was a pleasant surprise.) It’s a lovely

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road trip
20 Apr 2012

5 Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

by Jessica Weiner It is tempting to let the kids while away the long miles buried in a stack of movies, but a road trip provides the perfect opportunity for quality family time. Whether they create literary masterpieces, compete to find funny car decals or journal their adventures, these fun

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iphone ap
22 Mar 2012

Five Annoying Smartphone Apps That Your Kids Will Probably Download

Most parents want the same thing for their kids. You want your children to be happy and carefree. You want them to have a normal childhood and be just like their friends. You just don’t want them to do the same things that their friends do, such as eat a

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