16 Jul 2014

Cell Etiquette 101: 8 Tips You Should Share with Your Teen

  Back in 2012 one astute momma by the name of Janell decided that it was time to get her 13-year-old son his very first cellphone. Receiving a first phone has become a rite of passage for teens of today; but often teens don’t realize the responsibility that comes along

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25 Jul 2013

Polar Baring? Alcohol Smoking?? Condom Snorting??? 10 Troubling Teen Trends All Parents Should Know About

  ack-to-school season is approaching fast; and with that comes eager teens leaving the nest and heading off to college. Before you say your teary goodbyes though, you should make it a point to sit down and have a serious chat with your kid. Apparently the teens and young adults

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24 May 2013

The Evolution of Braces: Bye, Bye ‘Brace Face’ and ‘Tensile Teeth’

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Invisalign. Of course, all thoughts and opinions are of yours truly 🙂[/box] I remember being in the sixth grade and my best friend coming to class one day with a mouth full of metal. “Cool!” I exclaimed

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09 Apr 2013

How to Talk to Teachers So That You Can Get What You Want For Your Child

Every child has had one: the teacher who just won’t play nice. Sometimes it’s an older teacher who’s just done like last Thanksgiving’s turkey. Sometimes they love the girls and you have an ADHD boy. It could just be a bad personality mix. Whatever the situation, you and your child

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08 Feb 2013

How (and Why) to Throw a Valentine’s Day Bash for Your Teen

  It seemed so much easier in elementary school when you just bought a couple of boxes of generic Valentine’s Day cards for your children to address to each of their classmates. If you were feeling particularly parental or happened to be the next name on the teacher’s parent volunteer

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Movie Poster
18 Dec 2012

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Super Cool Teen

  Teens aren’t always the easiest to shop for. They’re a funny lot – full of ever changing styles, moods, and interests. If you’re at a loss as to what to get them this year, check out this list of fun and unique gift ideas. From your creative souls to

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how to style teen hair
30 Nov 2012

How to Style Your Daughter’s Hair for the Winter Formal

Though it may not get the fanfare of prom or even homecoming, the winter formal is still a major event in your high school daughter’s life. Three big dances a year can take a chunk out of your household’s school-year budget, though, so it helps to cut costs where you

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volunteer teens
26 Oct 2012

Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem Through a Volunteer Program

For all the attention paid to making sure high school students collect impressive experiences that can decorate their college applications, not nearly as much attention is paid to simply enriching their lives through the opportunities available to them. So when the subject of volunteering comes up, it’s far more often

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teen driver
09 Oct 2012

Handing Over the Keys: How to Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids Driving

You thought it would be a good idea to teach your son how to drive a stick-shift. Three hours later, you never made it past first gear, your clutch is almost dead and you’re feeling a little motion sick. Your teenagers are used to automated everything – websites and books,

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teens driving
24 Sep 2012

Teenagers With Car Keys?! Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

Once you’ve seen all the Twilight movies, you pretty much know what life’s about, from a teen’s point of view at least. Assuming your teen is not a vampire or werewolf, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to convincing your kid that the freedom they

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15 Jun 2012

Summer Vacation Blues: How to Convince Your Teen or College Kid to Make the Most of the Break

  School’s out now. All students—young and old—have temporarily escaped the bondage of organized education. National pharmacies have reported their annual and expected spike in tranquilizer prescription refills for parents of adolescent and young adult students home for the summer. Long gone is the sweet breath of innocent babes, pursed

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