18 Jun 2013

Curing Summer Boredom: Creative & Fun Ideas for Kids

6 Summer Ideas for Kids School’s out for summer! Eventually, kids have trouble keeping themselves occupied. Parents don’t have to look beyond their own backyards to cure their children’s boredom. From creative crafts to fun backyard projects and a plethora of safe games will keep your kids amused while also developing

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23 May 2013

Potty Training 101: Transitioning From Diapers to “Pretty Panties” With the Help of Parent’s Choice

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers. All views and opinions are those of yours truly. 🙂[/box] Here’s an obvious, yet rarely discussed, fact regarding babies, and diapers: as your kid gets bigger, their “movements” get bigger; and

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15 Apr 2013

Much Needed Play-dates, Mommy Togetherness, & Wal-mart White Cloud Diapers… Oh my

So my friends over at Walmart were sweet enough to send me a pack of their exclusive diaper brand for me to review. They’re called White Cloud, and they’re just plain amazing… But before I get into all of that, let’s rewind a bit and discuss the events that led

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15 Feb 2013

Grow Smart Kids: 4 TV Shows That Will Make Your Children Smarter

  You may hear a lot of alarming statistics about children watching too much TV these days. While it is true that children today watch more television than in previous generations, parents can take a little peace of mind from the fact that there are more high-quality, fun, and educational

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06 Feb 2013

Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Diapers, and Other 2-year-old Exploits [We Got Kidz Exclusive Video]

I decided to take the past couple of days off in order to put together yet another awesome video for your viewing enjoyment. If you have toddlers, had toddlers, or have ever seen toddlers in their natural habitat, you’re probably well aware that children that age are quite an erratic

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learning development toddlers
21 Dec 2012

Learning for Toddlers: Tips from a Preschool Teacher turned Stay-at-Home Mom

  Two things to remember about toddlers is that they are not yet averse to learning (as most of the rest of us are). They are naturally curious about their environment, and thus, perfect learners – or, at the very least, WILLING learners. The other thing to remember is that

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halloween costumes kids
08 Oct 2012

10 of the Coolest and Cutest Kids Halloween Costumes of 2012

Forget about those devil, ghost, and goblin getups for your kids this Halloween. Those are so 1999 (not to mention those types of costumes on a kid can be hella creepy). Do something a little different this year and dress your kid as a cuddly animal or even an inanimate

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twin toddlers
07 Sep 2012

5 Unexpected Drawbacks to Having Twin Toddlers – Enjoy the ‘Cute’ While It Lasts

  I’d like to start by saying that I absolutely love my babies. I was able to get two little munchkins for the price of one – which in my family, is a certifiable blessing. When I take my twins out, they tend to get tons of attention – people

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grown up brain vs toddler brain
14 Aug 2012

The Grown Up Brain Versus the Toddler Brain [Infographic]

Toddlers are so funny. I spend most of the day with my twin tots trying to figure out why they do some of the things they do, and most importantly why they identify certain objects the way that they do. For instance, my children will see a piece of paper

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Little Artist
04 Aug 2012

Stumble Saturdays – “3 Minutes Inside the Head of a 2-Year-Old”: Pure Comedy

This was a hilarious piece that I stumbled upon via a comedian by the name of Jason Good who has hilariously chronicled the unpredictable mood swings of a toddler in this exhaustive list. If you have a 2-year-old or have ever had interactions with one, you’ll appreciate his on-point evaluation.

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twin toddlers and the great outdoors
23 Jul 2012

Twin Toddlers and the Great Outdoors: So Adorable It Hurts [Video]

You would think that by having twin toddlers, outside time with them would be full of exciting things: playing tag, hide-and-go-seek, building a fort or two… Well maybe not a fort. Apparently, at 19 months of age, they haven’t quite mastered the art of “constructive partner play”. Leaves blowing in

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