baking with toddler
16 Jul 2012

Cooking With Toddlers – “Without Cookies There Would Be Darkness and Chaos” [Recipe]

Now, before I begin, I have to put out a disclaimer: my son is a healthy eater, and eats plenty of fruits and vegetables. In fact, grape tomatoes and avocados are two of his favorite foods. That being said, he also inherited my sweet tooth. And this tooth is not

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09 Jul 2012

3 Tried and True Summer Activities for Toddlers

I have a three year old. That should be self explanatory for other parents, but just in case its not… I am a professional entertainer for my three-year-old. Whether it is dancing around like a looney singing “poopy in the potty” or reading Corduroy… for the THIRD time… My life

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29 Jun 2012

Check Out These Twins Displaying Some Serious Night Time Cuteness – Guaranteed You’ll Say ‘Aw’ [Video]

I’m sure I’m not the only parent with toddlers that has the occasional issues at bedtime. The husband and I try snacks, baths, annoying kid videos, books, and even a cocktail or two, (for me of course, not the kids) but sometimes nothing seems to work. You lie them down,

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22 Jun 2012

‘Don’t Say the ‘B’ Word’ – Ending My Children’s Love Affair With the Bottle

Up until yesterday, my twin tots still drank out of a bottle. Yes, I know they’re almost 19 months old; and yes, I know the bottle could do funky things to their teeth… but given that that was the only consequence of continued bottle usage that I’ve been able to

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A World of Food
04 Jun 2012

We Got Kidz Reviews Children’s Book ‘A World of Food’… It’s a Feast for the Eyes… Literally

So the book fairy dropped by my house yesterday and left me a present. (Seriously though, I have no clue where the book came from, and I really don’t remember requesting it from the publisher – But hey, we’ll roll with it. It was a pleasant surprise.) It’s a lovely

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teach kids how to use fork
13 Apr 2012

Parenting To Do #25: Teach the Kids How to Use Eating Utensils | [Video]

I have to admit that I’ve been quite lax in my efforts to teach my twins how to properly use utensils. Maybe lax isn’t the best word… My efforts have been more along the lines of non-existent; so shoot me. I never claimed to be super mom. It’s just easier

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one year olds
27 Mar 2012

Facts That Prove That One-Year-Olds Are Cold Calculating Heartless Creatures… That You Can’t Help But To Love

  We have what I’d like to call a “reading corner” in the living room of our home. In that reading corner stands an old hand-me-down bookshelf. The bottom two shelves of this bookshelf are neatly stacked with board books and kid appropriate games, and the top two shelves are

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iphone ap
22 Mar 2012

Five Annoying Smartphone Apps That Your Kids Will Probably Download

Most parents want the same thing for their kids. You want your children to be happy and carefree. You want them to have a normal childhood and be just like their friends. You just don’t want them to do the same things that their friends do, such as eat a

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Featured Image Template NEW NEW
31 Jan 2012

Fun Games You Can Play With A One Year Old

  lthough everyone may not acknowledge it, being a stay at home mom is a tough full time job. I put in overtime every week cooking every day, washing clothes, picking up toys, and most importantly… playing with, and aiding in the development of my twin tots. My children are

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birthday party
13 Jan 2012

How to Throw a Fun 1st Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

  Ahhh! I did it. I made it through the twin’s 1st year and survived their first birthday party… and I pulled it off flawlessly if I do say so myself. They had an absolute blast. I’m still getting text and Facebook messages from guests telling me how much fun

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